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Nickie O'Hara: it’s just the thing I could have done with when my kids were a lot younger.

Muddling Along Mummy: incredibly I’ve flipped myself out of a bad patch and into a good patch ... Simple but effective.

Helen Redding: Easy to do and instills a sense of perspective.

I’m in the Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs: and need a kick up the butt

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

I was shocked and chuffed to find that I’m No32 in the Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs!

That’s a list including people like Jenny Craig and ‘proper’ weight loss organisations, so it’s pretty good going.  I’ve even given all my weight loss blog posts a jolly good polish to celebrate.


There is a problem.

I’m feeling a bit of a fraud.

Despite everything I said in my weight loss tips and the fact that I’m writing a blinking book about it.

In the last month or so I’ve tipped back officially into the ‘overweight’ range.


I know how it happened.

I spent much of 2011 thinking I had a bad back, frustrated that I could no longer run (despite being a rubbish runner) or do much exercise and not managing to fix it; add 4 lbs.

After several months with an Osteopath and Physiotherapist I decided to try an Acupuncturist.  Despite knowing that I know about nutrition (heh, I’m listed as one of the Top 100 Food Blogs by Woman and home!), I had lost confidence and listened to him when he said that I wasn’t eating enough; add another 3lbs.

Then I got my diagnosis with Fibromyalgia (pain all over the body), which meant I could no longer run to lose weight, which was my cheat as I’m a rubbish runner.  Plus, I get tired from doing about 1/4 the exercise I used to be able to do.  And I’m now on drugs that help brilliantly with the pain and sleep, but have the side effect of weight gain; add the final 8lbs.

*Hangs Head In Shame* after all I’m meant to know how to do it aren’t I?

Or maybe you will like me a little more to know that I’m not perfect *Looks hopeful*?


Anyway, it’s spring (I’m not keen on New Year), which is a great time for a fresh start ready for the summer.  So I’ve decided it’s time to kick my own rapidly expanding butt.

I may have Fibromyalgia.

It may be difficult.

But I know that my stuff works.

So I’m going to prove it.

I’m going to lose 1 stone 1lb: get back to a healthy weight and lose the muffin top.

It doesn’t matter that I’m doing it AGAIN.

Just that I do it!


I’d love your help?

I’m going to write a weekly diary of my progress; read my blog posts and keep me going because I may need some encouragement when I get Fibro flares and feel depressed and in pain.

Or join in and lose weight too? I’ve got a facebook group for ‘Easy Healthy weight loss’ and a facebook page.

Or tell me your story of how you lost weight against all the odds?


Fancy seeing who else is in the list?

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An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


20 comments to I’m in the Top 100 Weight Loss Blogs: and need a kick up the butt

  • Good news. I think we need more realistic weight loss blogs, like yours. I am so glad I am not the only one pleading injury for not running (and, yes, I’m a rubbish runner too). Prompted to join your Facebook fan page, but then I might actually have to committ to doing something. Great that you’re being honest and sharing your real story of weight loss.

    • MummyWhisperer

      Thank you @sarahhillwheeler, so glad you liked it! You can always watch us from afar and let us get you excited about the idea before you commit ;o) But it’s not too tricky really, more about getting healthy, fitter and moving around a bit more.

  • Congratulation.Your blog very honest and your blog contain good posts about weight loss. I visit a lot of blogs which talking about fitness and weight loss but your blog different .
    thank you for your sharing :)

  • Where’s the “before” photo? :-) x

  • Pat

    Thank you for such an honest post and congratulations on your position on the list! Well deserved!!

    There may not be photos of you here but I have to say, you do have pretty feet :) (just something I do is to notice pretty feet – weird I know but true).

    With regards help, I’ve just seen something called dietbet – you apparently create an account and place a bet using paypal against yourself to lose 4% of your body weight in a month. There’s a start and end date and of course you can place a new bet the following period. Everyone joining that month become a support group (and money pool I guess). Should you succeed in losing the 4%, you get paid out in accordance with your bet. It’s kind of an incentive to keep going as well as a support group to do it with but it sounds like you have a superb support group already. It was/is an interesting concept I thought – creates accountability.
    Other than that, keep your WHY somewhere for you to see all the time i.e. why are you doing this (weight loss, lifestyle change etc.), so that you keep going no matter what.

    Thanks again for a fab blog. I really like it and all the very best. I have every confidence that you will do it!!

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  • thanks you for the post, your blog contains good posts about weight loss, i have seen many posts talking about weight loss, but your posts are really good and awesome….

  • I’m glad to find your valuable tips.I am so much impressed, Thank you so much for sharing. keep writing such an informative posts.

  • @ Mummy Whisperer i follow all your weight loss post.. they are really useful… thank you !!

  • this is the other post i watching of yours, you really have a good information about weight loss, keep posting more information … :)

  • Annie

    Great post!

    This is a great inspirational weight loss journey – Lorraine from is participating in a healthy weight loss challenge

  • I am a housewife. I was in a big trouble because my weight was more than 85 kg. I was worry about my condition. But when I started coffee bean then gradually losing my weight and feel better. Now I am 56 kg and feeling better than before. Actually weight loss tips is highly recommended and valuable. Thanks …………..

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