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Nickie O'Hara: it’s just the thing I could have done with when my kids were a lot younger.

Muddling Along Mummy: incredibly I’ve flipped myself out of a bad patch and into a good patch ... Simple but effective.

Helen Redding: Easy to do and instills a sense of perspective.

Review of Celtic Harmony Beltane Festival

Acrobatics from a tree

Acrobatics from a tree

At the beginning of May we went off to Celtic Harmony in Hertford for their Beltane Festival.

I’m very interested in the times of the year and the month, how they affect us, and how it can be helpful to be more aware of them.

Someone once said I have a witchy vibe, in a nice ‘white witch’ sort of way; maybe it’s my ‘inner celt’ coming out!  So this year I did a little Beltane ‘ritual’ with the kids, so that they could understand that the seasons were changing and was really excited to go to a festival.  But we’ve been to a lot of much bigger festivals than this, so I was a little worried what the kids would think.

I needn’t have worried.  It was chilled, simple, well organised, had clean loos (the best I’ve ever seen) and the kids came back relaxed and happy.

There is something about giving them the space to run around safely, jump on hay bales, make apple spirals from old fashioned machines and watch very old fashioned entertainment (i.e. from Celtic times), that really works for kids.

Both kids tried the archery, and Curly Headed Boy (7) is totally hooked.

I loved the dancing doing the acrobatic display in a hoop hanging from a tree.

There was a bird rescue stall with a raven (OMG it’s huge), magpie (so friendly) and crow; all of which the children could stroke, which was really unusual.

Many things repeated all day, so there was always a chance to have a go at it, like the drumming workshops (I’d actually appeared with a headache, so we didn’t try that, but my headache was gone by the end of the day, which shows how relaxed I was).

There was a wonderful owl display (although it did go on a little while), great fairy queen fight as the summer fairy beat the winter fairy (not sure that has actually happened in real life, although the sun is out today!), and fire breathing with a story about dragons.

We didn’t manage to do the story telling walk as Little Dimples was a little tired.  But she loved the may pole dancing, and Curly Headed Boy joined in with the final procession.

If I was going to suggest any changes at all, they would be to provide bigger signs (it can be a little tricky to see when also keeping an eye on 2 children), more choices of snacks (it’s surprisingly hungry work), and even more Celtic-ness (did they have jesters, or druids?).

I’m definitely keen to go to their Samhain festival in october, and take Curly Headed Boy along to learn archery in their covered barn as soon as I have a bit more time in my currently hectic schedule, and their summer Bushcraft courses look wonderful.

Now drum roll please!!!!  Here is my first ever, clever video of loads of clips put together.  I have sweated a pile over this, hope you love it!!


Now tell me that wasn’t fabulous!!



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