Get Healthy, Fit, Strong (and slimmer!)


  • Are you struggling to have enough energy and vitality to really enjoy your life?
  • Would you love to feel healthier and more energetic
  • Would you love to be fitter
  • Would you love to feel stronger
  • And maybe lose some weight?

Then I’m here to help you, as I’m very passionate about us mums enjoying our lives to the fullest, and being able to make the most of our time with our kids.  Believe you me, I understand what it’s like to struggle with this, but I’ve also made vast improvements in my life and I want to help others do the same.

Here is an introduction, explaining what is involved in the course and why I’m so passionate about it:

  • Every morning there will be a Facebook live video with a theme for the day
  • There will be a PDF summary and exercises/activities for you to do
  • There will also be the opportunity for a live Q&A during the week, for you to ask me questions.


  • Don’t worry if you can’t keep up, you can work at your own pace
  • This isn’t just about losing weight, so you can join in if you are just looking to feel healthier too.
  • If you are looking to lose weight, this will help, but it’s not a ‘quick fix’ or ‘fad’ solution.

The aim is to make sure that we can all have loads of energy to enjoy our lives with our kids, and feel like we are really making the most of everything that we can.

– Day 1 – The ‘secret’ to why it’s so tough and step 1: getting mindset right
– Day 2 – More Mindset and goal setting
– Day 3 – Hydration and the secret you didn’t know about it
– Day 4 – Nutrition: how to choose your style of eating
– Day 5 – Exercise: which is right for you?
– Day 6 – Dealing with stress and illness/disease/disability


I’m really excited to run this course for you and so looking forward to hearing your stories of becoming healthier, fitter and stronger (and slimmer!).  Please do share and let your friends know – the more the merrier <3


Step 1: Join my Facebook group ‘Step Into The Flow With The MummyWhisperer’

Step 2: Like my page and set notifications to ‘first’ so you don’t miss anything

Step 3: Watch any of my videos and set Facebook to notify you when I go live.

Step 4: I’ll post in the group what time the videos will be – mark them in your diary, but you can always catch them later, it’s not important to be live.  I will try to load the videos up as soon as possible and keep the files organised, so that you can find everything if you get behind.

Step 5: At the end of the course, use the community in the Facebook group for added support.

Step 6: If you’d like some more depth on the subjects we talk about, buy my kindle book on Amazon ‘The Mummy Whisperer’s 6 Steps To A Sparkling You And Enjoying Being A Mum’

Step 7: If you’d need more support, keep your eye on my up and coming online course based upon my book or contact me for a chat about a 1to1.