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I do NOT take guest posts from people or companies that I don’t know.  I do NOT need content provided by someone else.

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  • My name is Lisa Pearson
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2014-15 UPDATE:

For this year I won’t be taking ANY PR or media jobs due to lack of time with my new Salon/Spa.  I don’t want guest or sponsored posts or advertising at the moment, thank you.

I’m also unlikely to reply – I’m really sorry as I know this is rude, but I have so little time at the moment.

The only possible would be something with the kids, where it was either amazing for them and worth me writing a post about (versus just paying for myself, which is quicker when you are time poor), or where you are just looking for an FB/Twitter recommendation.  I love festivals or theatre shows etc, especially local ones.



  1. Hi i would like to know which CBD oil you use? Also I spoke with get fitt re their products and mentioned you blog. thanks

    1. Aww thank you for mentioning me Moira!. I use CBD Brothers white label and have been using it for a few years. I’ve just started taking Red label, which is stronger, once a day and white label in the evening. The white & red label are indica based, which tends to be calming, versus the blue label which is sativa/hemp based and more stimulating. I need sleep and calming of my adrenals, so the white is the right one for me, I’ve noticed some with M.E. are better with the blue.

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