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 2014-5 UPDATE:

For this time I won’t be taking ANY PR or media jobs due to lack of time with my new Salon/Spa.  I don’t want guest or sponsored posts or advertising at the moment, thank you.

I’m also unlikely to reply – I’m really sorry as I know this is rude, but I have so little time at the moment.

The only possible would be something with the kids, where it was either amazing for them and worth me writing a post about (versus just paying for myself, which is quicker when you are time poor), or where you are just looking for an FB/Twitter recommendation.  I love festivals or theatre shows etc, especially local ones.


This is the place to find out:

1)  If I do advertising/marketing or Guest Posts

2)  What my blog is about?

3)  Or what is a blog?

4) Or read my disclosure about comments, sponsored posts or cookies?

5) Or see my top blogging tips


For my latest stats/awards please check out this page.

For my latest features in the media, please check out this page.


Guest Posts

Guest posts are posts written by someone else.  I do NOT need content provided by someone else, I have over 100 draft posts – it’s not a problem for me to create content.  I don’t take guest posts written by companies.

I will take a guest post from a blogger that I know.  I do NOT take guest posts from people that I don’t know.


Sponsored Posts, Reviews, Competitions, Adverts

Sponsored posts are those were I get paid to write about something and include a link to a company’s products or services.

Please note that I get PAID for sponsored posts, reviews and competitions, and keep the products I review.

If I am paid or gain anything for a blog post I will set it to be no-follow as per googles guidelines and I will make it clear I was paid.

I follow the ‘Blogging with integrity’ rules from Britmums and a few extra of my own.

I limit my reviews/sponsored/competitions posts to one of each per month and they must be relevant to my blog or family.

But saying all that if we decide to work together I work really hard to make sure I offer a blinking good service!

I now have space for no-follow advertising on my side-bar, where it’s a great product for my readers and I’m a good match for you.



I’m having to become more and more discerning about which charities to work with as I don’t want to overload my readers with a post every week.

If I can’t help with a post I will happily retweet for you.


Radio / TV

I LOVE radio, all those buttons and dials make me feel like a kid again!  And any opportunity to get my message out to mums is very welcome

Check out all my role as a Lifestyle correspondent for Radio Verulam and other interviews on my YouTube page.




I’m always open to writing a feature for fellow bloggers, websites, magazines or newspapers, and will make sure that each one is unique and tailored to your audience




I’d love to come to your event or being sponsored to attend an event, bear in mind I will have expenses, and that I have a school age child and toddler.

I’d love to talk at your event about blogging, enjoying being a mum, relationships or bullying: check out my tabs for ideas on the themes that I cover.  I would definitely need my expenses covered though, and I might need payment too (after all it will be taking away an opportunity for me to earn elsewhere).


What is my blog about?

My blog is all about how I tackle the challenges of family life. It’s honest, sometimes funny, maybe a little challenging and definitely a different way of looking at life.

It’s inspired by my life (although I admit I keep some stuff private out of respect to friends/family), my friends and my clients.

I like to be honest about my challenges and show both the challenge and how I resolve it, rather than some parenting coaches who prefer to show a more perfect image.  So I’ve found it both cathartic for me to write and also a brilliant way for me to reach more Mums than I can 1to1.

I LOVE writing, and literally itch when I can’t blog/write a book.

Luckily a few other people like my writing style too, so I’m now an award winning blogger and best selling author (just thought I’d mention that!).

Check out the tabs across the top, for themes and series of blog posts.  I also do the odd review and competition if the fancy or need for cash takes me (See my media pages or contact page).


What Is A Blog?

I get loads of readers who have never come across a blog before, so what is it and how does it work?

A blog is like a diary online.  It’s not a book, which is more complete.  It’s not a newsletter article, because that is more thought through.  It’s short, pithy, and more off the cuff.

They have become really popular for people to share experiences, or find a community of people, or as a cathartic release or to find something more interesting to read than the latest news about celebrities.

How do you make sure you don’t miss anything?

Now there are a few ways to subscribe.  If you check out the 4 buttons on the right hand side at the top where it says ‘Come and say hi’ , then you have a few choices.
  1. You can press the facebook button and like my page.
  2. Or next to the facebook button is a button with a dot and two curves.  This means that you can subscribe to my blog.  When you click on it you will get a choice.  Most people use google reader to view their subscriptions
  3. Or just below that you can subscribe by email.
  4. Or some people buy my blog (I think it is £1.99 a month – I’m not sure as amazon set the price) which you can do by clicking on the kindle image a bit lower down or here (BTW to read something for the Kindle you don’t need a kindle – you can also read it on an ipad or smart phone or computer with a kindle reader app)
  5. Also, at the beginning of November 2011 my book will be available, which summarises some of my posts with extra goodies (99p on the Kindle, but you don’t need a kindle to read it)



Now for the fun legal bit ….

I love comments, so my comment policy is to publish everything apart from spam.  It’s fine to disagree with me or other commenters, in fact that makes for a great discussion.  But be unnecessarily mean, libellous, racist, horrid and I’ll either not reply and just leave you looking like an idiot, or remove your comment (it depends on how insulted I feel my readers will be).  Be warned!

I do the odd ‘sponsored post’ for companies, and will always make it clear I’ve been paid to write it.  The words are always my own though, and I don’t accept content from elsewhere.  I sometimes get paid to run the competitions as well, it depends on the prize.  For more information on my advertising policy go to my contact me page.

I also use ‘cookies’ (wikipedia has a great description about http cookies here) to count how many people view my site (see google analytics privacy policy here), to make sure that you don’t have to login every time you leave a comment (see wordpress’s privacy policy) and for a cool gadget to help competitions run more smoothly (see raffle copters privacy policy here).  If you don’t like the idea of cookies you can change your browsers settings to opt out.


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