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Blog Reviews

Judge from the ‘Inspire Category’ of the Brilliance in Blogging awards: I loved reading this blog and it proved, if proof is needed, the key to a brilliant blog can be as simple as engaging, heartfelt and funny updates. Packed with personality, it is laugh-out-loud funny, which combined with great navigation and an enticing design, makes it a real winner.

From Kylie at Not Even A Bag Of Sugar: Lisa is a magician. She can take stressed out women with too much on their plate and turn them into organised, confident, happy mums with happy children. It’s true. She’s written a fantastic book, click on the blog to see how to order, and find yourself deeply inspired. She also looks amazing in a fairy princess dress!

From Michelle at ‘The American Resident’: three things I wanted to say that make me enjoy visiting your blog are the confidence without arrogance, the support and love for all your visitors, and the general positive vibes, even when blogging about not so positive things (like nagging!). And I love that you’re a bit of a tree hugger too 😉

Just wanted to thank you for writing the things you have, at a time when I needed to read just the right things, I found myself looking through your site and it has very much helped. You always think you’re the only one……then you realise you’re not 🙂

(Mum to one): I’ve come across your blog and its wonderful, just reading a few posts have just reading a few posts have really made me feel not alone!  I have a 2 and a half year old and spent the first 18 months justifying my gut instincts and feeling really alone.

Thanks so much for your awesome tips! I completely agree that your outlook and attitude on life can completely affect your happiness level and feeling of “richness.” Thanks also for pointing out that money does not equal happiness and vice versa

It makes so much sense, but I’ve always felt guilty before about spending any time on myself.

<Re weightless tips> Wow, those four points are so obvious but not until you’ve made them for us! Of course!

Book Reviews: Six Steps To Sparkling And Enjoying Being A Mum

Nickie O’Hara (Mum to three and Nana to two, and top Mummy Blogger): it’s just the thing I could have done with when my kids were a lot younger.

A New Mum Online: A must read I would say. Favourite quote: “if you are always trying to be too nice, you will be a walk over and even loved ones will trample all over you take advantage of you”.

Elena Blasio: I love your book because is simple. Some books out there are little complicated. Yours goes to the point and can be needed when one area of your life is unbalanced!!!   I love the daily exercises from step 1!  Full of easy steps and able to get on with the exercises. Practical and easy. Great stuff.   Useful even if you are not a Mum… for me.

Lisa Nichols: If you are feeling a bit harried by the whole motherhood thing, and never seem to have the time to do anything about it, this is the book for you. Coming from an author who has been there, done that and coached hundreds, the Mummy Whisperer AKA Lisa Pearson, really “gets” it. This is not a book on how to become superwoman, it is about becoming the best YOU. Letting go of perfectionism, focusing on some key things that can really help you feel back in control of your ship and on top form! Not too long, not at all preachy and available for 99p? Downloading to your kindle, mobile device or laptop is a bit of a no-brainer really isn’t it?

Charlene Payne: To all the Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, buy this book that will & can help you on your journey to whatever you will love.  It is all about being a mom or a new mom, I own a business, and I was able to adapt it to my personal & business. I found It really easy to read & the lessons are really helpful.  Great Book!!!

Muddling Along Mummy (Mum of two): Sitting and writing all my worries and angst down has actually made me feel better, I’d have never thought it would have been that simple but it was – incredibly I’ve flipped myself out of a bad patch and into a good patch just by blurbing it on paper.  Simple but effective.

Sue Dellanzo (Mum of two grown up children): I found writing out all the various affirmations on one page in my diary really useful. that way I always have it in my handbag and can refer to it whenever I have a free moment. Helps put everything into perspective when needed!

Janis Wheeler: I like the summary and I love the diet <it’s a thought diet in the daily exercises>, I have thought of it often, especially about money and time.

Helen Redding: <about the count your blessings and silver lining exercises> I think they are brill!  Easy to do and instill a sense of perspective.

Ruth Price: I have to say it does make a massive difference and has really made things click back into perspective.  I appreciate the life I have and the choices I make more and am more relaxed, too plus seeing more possibilities!  Thank you x

Shelley Milner-Bensen (Mum of one): I found getting out all that was bothering me really helpful as I can’t believe I worry about a lot of stuff which is not mine to worry about.

Charlette Thompson (Mum to two teens): My favorite is me keeping myself balanced. Doing the affirmations is so wonderful, and powerful, its just working! Ty, Ty!

Lisa Nichols (Mum of three):  Main No1 take-away from this is the heart-firmation that I have more than enough time to do what I want to achieve! Doing tasks in 20 minute blocks has really helped me plough through some stuff :o)

Stephanie Burton:Loved loved loved this one!!!!

Claire Walsh (Mum of nearly 3): Thank you, thank you, thank you. The 80/20 rule will be something that I can apply to so many things. I also love the idea of a memory box, I think this may be the solution to a lot of my childhood clutter, just keeping a few the of the small meaningful bits.?Great to note about the cycles too, I am convinced I am governed more and more by hormones, I feel you have given me permission to go with the flow and not feel obliged to do it when I don’t have the energy.

Sue Dellanzo: Until I read it, I wasn’t aware of how much “VALUE” I presently have in my life already, and also “wealth”. Lisa’s list of categories to breakdown expenditure was a lifesaver too…. Helped put everything into perspective also and I could see, firsthand, where the outgoings were going.

Sue Dellanzo:The more I’ve valued myself, the more money I’ve been earning, and 10% goes immediately into the “savings forever” fund! The more I do this, the more comes.

Professional Reviews

Review By the renowned Kindle Blog Report Click here to read the full story


Review from Tots100 Mummy Blogger ‘Being A Mummy’

                   Strengthening Your Inner Mum

One of my Twitter and blogging friends is Lisa, otherwise known as the Mummy Whisperer. I first came across Lisa as part of our local NCT email list where local mums angst about things. This is a brilliant resource, as you don’t have to be an NCT member to use the list. Then, recently when I was having a bit of a blogging crisis, she helped me via Twitter. She always offers brilliant advice and is very helpful. Despite living within a couple of miles of each other, we had never actually met in real life. So, you can imagine how pleased I was to be given the chance to attend one of her Mummy Whisperer workshops. <click here to read more>


Reviews From Companies


Daniel Johnson PR for Siblu Holidays:

Lisa and her family travelled on a press trip with siblu villages to Normandy and France. The quality and variety of the coverage we received from Lisa was superb and included numerous Tweets, eye-catching images, reviews and commentary on the places she visited, and even a video from Lisa’s son!

Lisa was a pleasure to work with – approachable and happy to receive our comments, yet remaining even-handed throughout her coverage on the blog to ensure her readers get a true and accurate picture of her visit – essential to siblu for properly engaging with a key audience.


Andy and Mike (Andy from Cbeebies)

That’s perfect. THANK YOU xxxx. You’re always welcome at our shows xx



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