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The Mummy Whisperer's Six Steps To A Sparkling You And Enjoying Being a Mum ........................................
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The perfect pick me up for overwhelmed and stressed mums

Do you find yourself exhausted? Are you sometimes so tired you can't even look at a problem, let alone do anything about it? Do you take your frustration out on the kids and end up shouting at them? Are you terrified of disappearing into the grey banality of suburban motherhood?

This book is simple, practical and easy to fit into your life. It will turn your life around. After you finish it, you’ll have more contentment, more time, more energy, more space, more money and most importantly more sparkle.

Even better, you can do all this without changing your children, partner, life, house or financial situation.

This fabulous little book has a whole pile of punch, and will help you to beat the greyness, overwhelm, frazzle, stress, exhaustion, suffocation, and worry of a mum’s life.

This book can revolutionise your life within six days – or six weeks, or six months: it’s a life makeover.

The Mummy Whisperer doesn’t add to the already heavy load of a mum; she reduces the load, changing your life, and letting you maintain the new you with just a few seconds a day.

The Mummy Whisperer won’t tell you how to be a mum. She won’t tell you what you should do. She will help you to become calmer and more contented. You will be able to de-clutter all the noise and stress around you. You will be able to hear yourself and be you again.

You are magnificent; you just don’t know it.

This book won’t make you into a perfect mum or a super mum, it will make you into the mum you are meant to be, which is just what your family has always wanted.


Nickie O'Hara: it’s just the thing I could have done with when my kids were a lot younger.

Muddling Along Mummy: incredibly I’ve flipped myself out of a bad patch and into a good patch ... Simple but effective.

Helen Redding: Easy to do and instills a sense of perspective.

More Space

Children and STUFF; they kind of come hand in hand.  In fact there might already have been a house full of stuff due to husbands and dogs as well.

What do you do when it all gets too much and you are suffocating under all the stuff?  Move House?  Not so easy now a days.  So I’ll be doing regular tips on getting more space in the house.

These are the blog posts that initially birthed the chapter on how to get more time in my book.  Feel free to check them out.  They will be more polished in the book and there will be extra bits, but I’ll also be adding new tips or clever products in my blog that help when I find them.



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Our Norwegian forest kittens

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How to organise a play room

Top Seven Tips For The Summer Holidays

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I so look forward to the holidays, but the last half-term was a huge disaster, so much so that I couldn't bring myself to blog about it.  The big…

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Tired woman yawning

Exhaustion Tips: A Good Declutter is great for the soul!

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What blogs my readers read: Sex, Decluttering, David Tennant and School Problems

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Did I mention I'm a finalist for the MAD Blogger awards in their Small Business Category, LoL?  Really, you didn't hear me shouting about it and…

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How to organise a play room

Top Seven Top Tips for organising a playroom and my guilty pleasure confession

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I mentioned the other day that I'm a fan of decluttering. I also have a serious guilty pleasure; boxes (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE boxes!), but also includes…

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Seven top tips for how to get decluttering

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I'm a mega declutterer, but I didn't start out that way. I started out life as a hoarder, copying my mum.  It meant keeping every letter, every…

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