Happier Mums

Is it ‘Time for a Change’?

  • Are you sick of your life as it is, and want to turn it around?
  • Have you found that there is too much focus on one area of life and it’s almost as if you’ve forgotten other parts: your health, social life, career options, your relationship?
  • Or are you so busy juggling, that you seem to be always nagging/shouting at the kids and never really enjoying them?
  • Are you at the end of your tether and don’t want to go on like this anymore?


Then you qualify for my new online course!  I’m not looking for people who want to stay miserable and stressed.  I’m looking for people ready to get out of the quagmire and create their Dream Life.

The ‘Law of Attraction’ has helped me over the past few years in 2 ways.  One was to pull me out of what I call ‘The stress cycle’, where things appeared to be getting worse and worse, and everything felt like it was against me.  The other, was to help me to then positively decide it was time for my life to change and step up to a happier, healthier and more joyful level.

5 minutes is valuable

Short on time and resources?  Don’t worry, this course has been designed for busy mums.  It is practical and simple; as true wisdom and true change, really is simple.

Need to make a change fast?  I’m going to help you to make a huge change RIGHT NOW.

You will learn how to create your dream life; a balanced life, full of joy, health and abundance.

Be warned, this can make a dramatic difference to your life, very fast!


Does that mean my life will be fixed by the end of the 4 weeks?  No don’t be daft; life is a constant source of up’s and down’s.  However, this will put you back in the driving seat.  Plus you can run back through it any time you like and I’ll be taking you back through it once every quarter, to help you to continue to make more changes.

After all, do you really want to limit how much success and joy you bring into your life?  No I didn’t think so, I don’t plan on stopping either.

What is the Law of Attraction?

Simply put, our thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions have a huge effect on our lives.  They behave like a magnet attracting people, experiences and situations into our lives.

Obviously there is more to it than this and difficult questions to ask like ‘why would I attract my child being sick into my life?’ or this trauma?  It can help to understand these tough challenges in our life.

But first, let’s focus on the simpler side of things that there is no doubt about:

Your attitude and mind set affects how you see life.  It can help you see opportunities and ways to change your life, or it can leave you stuck in a spiral of constant stress, worry, fear and anxiety.

If you walk into a job interviewing assuming you aren’t good enough, why would they employ you?  Your whole body language, attitude and language will be negative, let alone your energy.

If you get up in the morning in a foul mood, is that going to make you more likely to shout at the children?  Does that make them behave better, or ironically worse, escalating the situation?  That’s energy for you!

What’s Covered?

Week 1: Action

Introduction to the Law of Attraction and how it will help you to transform your life and create the life of your dreams.

The Wheel of life: How to analyse your life, and which areas need the most work.

What next steps do you need to do?  We create 2 lists of maintenance and transformational to do’s.

Weekly action list: How on earth do you fit in making a change when you are already busy?

Bonus: A short video for each area of life, to help give you ideas and tips on how to empower it when you are at rock bottom and don’t know where to start.

Bonus Meditation: Grounding and choosing your next action step

Week 2: Emotion

How are you feeling right now and how would you LOVE to feel?

How do you get from here to there?

The power of gratitude and appreciation, even when stressed and upset and how to tap into it.

What is ‘feeling good’ and what is avoidance, disconnection and addiction?

Bonus: Meditation to help the wheel of life flow more easily

Week 3: Thoughts

How are your thoughts affecting how you feel?

Can you reign in the negative ones; how?

How to add more positive thoughts, without entering LaLa land and losing reality?

Simple tips for encouraging the kids to do what you want them to do, instead of behaving like the little monsters (well mine can be at times lol!).

Is your past ruling your current thoughts?  Do you really want to believe your view of life, or is there an alternative?

Bonus: Simple healing meditation for your thoughts, to be reused whenever you are upset.

Week 4: Creating Your Dream Life

A deeper look into how your thoughts and emotions are keeping you in a stress spiral.

What else is keeping you there?  Fear of change?  Pain and trauma from your past?  Patterns from your family?

What vibe do you want to tune into instead?

What is your dream life?

Bonus: Meditation on clearing out your past, literally burning it and moving on

Your Course Includes?

(I’ve put a value for each section, but don’t worry, keep reading, the price is different!).

Time: I keep all the recorded material short and sweet, so it fits into a busy mum’s life.

Recordings: Some videos will be via Facebook live, and others via a conferencing tool, so that you can get more involved.  But don’t worry, they are all recorded, so you’ll be able to tune in afterwards if you miss the call.

Exercises: There will be some exercises to do, and either you can read them yourself and do them alone, or watch the video where I hold your hand and take you through it.

What do you need to do? Turn up.  Make a little time each week for the actions.  Decide you really want to make a change.  Contribute to the community.  Easy peasy!

Facebook group: Access to the Law Of Attraction Facebook group for life, with the energy and support of a community, who will be there manifesting their dream lives along with you.  I can’t tell you how much a difference these sorts of group have made in my life.

What’s Included?

4x Weekly calls on the subject of the week: Value £600

4x Weekly exercise descriptions and sheets: Value £120

4x Weekly Q&A session, to keep you on track and answer your questions: Value £120



8 videos on the areas of life, with empowering tips when you don’t know what to do: Value £240

4 meditations: Value £47 each, total £188
Wk 1: Grounding and choosing your next action step
Wk 2: Meditation to help the wheel of life flow more easily
Wk 3: Simple healing meditation for your thoughts, to be reused whenever you are upset.
Wk 4: Meditation on clearing out your past, literally burning it and moving on

Life time access, any time you like; Value priceless!

Quarterly re-runs with myself: Makes it a no-brainer!

Law of Attraction For Mums Facebook group: a community of like minded mums, there to support you and keep you going. Value priceless!

Guarantee: If you follow the whole course and nothing changes, then you can 100% have your money back!


Total value: £1268

Normal Price: £247

Early Bird 2017 Price, Once only: £97!!!

More About Me

Would you like to find out more about me?  Click here on my ‘About Me’ page, it will take you through my experiences and qualifications.  But the most important thing you need to know is that I use my own techniques day in, day out in my own life; I really walk my own talk.

I’ve been studying personal development and healing for 25yrs.  I studied the Law of Attraction when I was studying with Dr Demartini 15yrs ago, who was particularly keen on looking at it from a deeper level, rather than the usual more superficial look.  But it was particularly helpful for me in 2005 after the birth of my son when film ‘The Secret’ was released.  I didn’t have post-natal depression, but my world felt pretty dark as I was grieving for my mum, we’d moved house and I was struggling with the identity crisis of being a new mum.  This simple film was the perfect empowering pick me up that I needed, which gave me a new appreciation for the power of it’s simplicity.  But it wasn’t until after my Lyme diagnosis in 2016 that I looked at it again in more detail.  So here I am, wanting to share it to Mums, to help us all create the families and lives that we dream of.  Because when we are happy, we can change the world!


Thank you so much to these busy ladies for sharing:

Claire (Part-time working mum of 3): Having children is one of the most uplifting and at the same time one of the most challenging times in anyones life. In many ways I lost my sense of personal direction and sense of self. Lisa’s clear, calm and thoughtful advice made a significant difference to my ability to enjoy motherhood and face challenges without feeling quite so anxious and stressed. If you’re frazzled and you cant see the wood for the trees then Lisa’s courses or her coaching service is exactly what you need!


Debbie (Holistic therapist, mum of 2 grown up kids): I love following Lisa’s blogs and courses. She is so knowledgeable and presents the sessions with great passion and warmth. Highly recommend following and tuning into this lovely lady.


Elena (Business owner): Why I love to work with Lisa? Lisa has changed as coach and with her I changed too. We start in 2007 and we still keep on being coach and client….why? Because Lisa is human not a fake spiritual coach that push her ideas on you. She lives the feelings, the emotions, the experiences on her own skin and that makes her real. So with her I feel comfortable and the fact that she gives me tools and not therapies it works on my own time to understand, I feel at ease still I know I am shifting and growing thanks to her support as coach. Lisa has supported me trough life, losing my wife, running my business , and still today….in my evolution as a woman. I am a better soul today thanks to the presence of Lisa in my life. So thank you Lisa Pearson


Hannah (Full time working mum of 3): Lisa has an incredible way to cut through the noise and help you see a small change that can make a bit impact on your life and by consequence your family. She doesn’t bring tricks or gimmicks but common sense and a knowledge of the challenges of trying to adjust to family life and to juggle the competing needs we all have on us. Her honesty that you cannot have it all and to pick which parts of your life that you need to be brilliant in now and accept you won’t be able to invest in everything made a huge difference to how I viewed myself  


Janis (Mum to 2 grown up boys): When my youngest son moved out last year, both my kids were grown and involved with their lives. I felt lost. For so many years, I was so busy giving to others, I neglected my health, and never invested in myself. I yearned to be hands-on creative, something I never gave myself time to do. Lisa has been a friend, mentor, and advisor. She has cheered me on and helped me to step into opportunity, creativity, and self-trust. I love Lisa. She makes the complex simple and what feels difficult, feel easy. If you feel lost, this is the woman who can help you see the path to your own brilliant happiness.