Bullying Pt11 – More Insights into the Bully

This weekend, I met a ‘bully’ and gained even more insights into their psychology.  I think that the important thing to remember is that each person and situation is unique, and to remember the concept of balance. What are they balancing out within their family dynamic? What are they balancing out within themselves? What are they balancing out within the […]

Bullying – Pt10 – What on Earth could be the benefits?

So, if you or your child is being bullied, then it may just be in a minor form, and so it’s not a huge button presser.  However, if bullying is a big deal for you, then it is really worth you checking out this post.  Keep an open mind while reading it please!  Remember, the reason I’m telling you all […]

Bullying Pt 6 – Do we really want to get rid of Bullying?

So everyone is against bullying, and there are loads of people saying that we need to get rid of it. But is that really true? For one thing, it’s impossible, bullying has always has been, and always will be part of human nature.  So anyone attempting to remove it totally, is just wasting time and effort.  (That doesn’t mean we […]

Bullying Pt 4 – We Can’t Be Liked By Everyone

Lots of us are very driven by what people outside of us think, and so it is important to us that we are liked. Other people are totally aware of their own value, and therefore only worry about what they think about themselves. The ideal is a bit of both, because the internally focussed people can lack social skills, and […]