2 Meme’s Together: Fave Photo and This is my Dream

I got sent the meme ‘What is your Dream’ in Sept of last year, but with No2 enroute, I never got around to actually writing it up, and have just been sent another for ‘Your Favourite Photo’ (both from a lovely fellow mummy blogger ‘Being a Mummy’).  So I thought I would combine the two together (with there just being […]

TV is BAD, no TV is GOOD, which is it?

Many Mums stop their children from watching any TV, and feel very good about themselves for it.  Is that the ‘right’ choice – NOPE. Others have the TV on all the time – is that the right choice – NOPE. Actually, I’m just being controversial, because I don’t believe in ‘mistakes’, so I don’t think that either parent is ‘wrong’. […]