Why I Think Mummy Blogs Are Fabulous

There’s tonnes of reasons why I think Mummy Blogs are fab.  I think of a ‘mummy blog’ as one written by a Mum, rather than any other type of person.  They may not even be about mummy stuff, but they will still have a particular slant, which other blogs won’t have.  You can get blogs about babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, children, […]

So often our advice is for us, not for them

I had a giggle at myself the other day, when I realized that there is a particular subject that I’ve been often offering unsolicited advice about in the last few months and really it was for me. This happens a lot, don’t you find? It especially happens to us coach/therapist types, because it does make sense to help people experiencing […]

Baby is Eating: To Puree or Baby Lead Weaning?

So ‘Little Dimples’ (I’m trying out new nicknames for my kids, as I’m getting a little superstitious about using their real names), turned 6 months last week and is now onto FOOD, yay! The question is of course, ‘To Puree or not To Puree’.  My decision is to go the rather laxidazical route of the second child, which is to […]

OMG What a relief, it's all OK

I’ve been a little quiet, a bit preoccupied and not as involved as before. Partially because I’m just plain exhausted. But mainly because I was at times bricking it and couldn’t bring myself to discuss what’s been going on. One day I suddenly got a mega temp, to the extent that my hands were shaking, my lips went blue and […]