7 Tips For Helping Your Child Enjoy School More

So Curly Headed Boy started in reception last September.  I expected it to be a bit tricky, but by the end of the first term he was no happier and it was really affecting him at home. So I’ve been posting about the 7 steps (See the category ‘starting reception‘) that I took to try and resolve it, but I […]

Selfish Benefits To Extended BreastFeeding

Do you know what, I’m a big fan of things being a fair deal, giving and receiving, and not being just about a Mum who forgets herself.  Ironically, that’s one of the reasons why I’m a fan of extended breastfeeding (that is after 6 weeks or 6 months, which is often considered more ‘normal’).  (Please do not take offence if […]

Video Wed: Music To Scrub The Floor With and See Spring

Music is one of the biggest helpers in my life, especially when I’m knackered, and come down to a kitchen floor needing scrubbing as well as the normal feed 2 kids, get the packed lunch done, and get on the school run in time to not get stuck in traffic. So to all those Mums out there, here is a […]

FREE Webinar, FREE 6 week online course PLUS money to Help Japan

BIG APOLOGIES, THIS WEBINAR HAS NOW BEEN DELAYED. I hope this doesn’t stop you from donating to help Japan, here is one of the options via Save the Children. Hello Gorgeous Mums, I’ve been umming and ahhing about wether or not to do another free webinar before the easter holidays.  The world seemed like it was such a difficult place […]

Is Narration Taking Away Our Children’s Imagination?

Curly Headed Boy has discovered Bambi.  After an initial avoidance due to him knowing that the Mummy dies, he sat down and watched it, and has done so again several times since, interspersed with Scooby Doo of course!  It was such a blast from the past, I’d forgotten how different the old Disney films are. On the second watch I […]

Tummy Bugs, Time frames, Happy Sick Days and Flannels

Curly Headed Boy got hit by the dreaded tummy bug/virus on monday; I got the dreaded call ‘Mrs Pearson, could you collect your son from school please?”  One part of me loves bugs.  Once you are through the worst, you get to spend real chilled out time with your kids.  BUT OMG day 2 is a nightmare!  They are nearly […]