Holidays, I’m still a fan of ‘simple’ and some top tips for travelling

Ok so I know it’s easy for me to say that ‘simple things work best for kids’, when I like simple things.  It’s not so easy now a days for people who like expensive trips, toys, holidays etc and they can’t afford it.  It’s all very well for people to say that we shouldn’t be so materialistic, but for many […]

Video Wed: Back To School and Back To Mine

So it’s back to school for Curly Headed Boy for two days, one of which is a Royal Wedding Party!  Then off for a long weekend and back again.  Then it’s 3 weeks to half term and 5 1/2 weeks until the summer holidays!  I’ve enjoyed the Easter holidays with the kids, we didn’t do anything major, but I’ll do […]

Video Wed: Music for the soul

Little Dimples is particularly keen on acoustic music, I think I must have listened to the live lounge a lot when I was pregnant. Whereas Curly Headed Boy prefered pop and sparkle when he was her age; particularly Justin timberlake or the Pussycat Dolls ( must be from those Pole dancing classes I was doing when I was pregnant, but […]

Exhaustion Tips: Music is food for the soul

Music, it’s amazing. It can literally give you energy from nowhere. Knackered in the morning? Turn on glee, Mamma Mia, or any eighties blast from the past (if you’re old like me!) Need to do the cleaning? Some rock will definitely work. Feeling sad? Then either really go for it and put on some sad music and enjoy the sadness […]

Crying is Good

Crying.  Sometimes there are tears of joy, sometimes tears of happiness, and even inspired tears of gratitude to life.  The most annoying are angry tears; I remember getting infuriated with myself when I worked in Oracle (big american IT firm), because when I was at my angriest I would cry.  Then there are sad tears.  I’m not a great crier, […]

Video Wed: The Gratitude Dance

Some of you may have come across this video before, but I love it!  I’m a keen advocate of being grateful for what we’ve got, not so that we ‘settle’, but because from there we can appreciate life and get even more. These guys appeal to kids in particular, and made this fabulous ‘gratitude dance’.  I ask Curly Headed Boy […]

Exhaustion Tip: Caffiene and panic attacks

The worst thing about being exhausted sometimes is then not being able to get to sleep.  I’ve got several tips on this, but the first is the most obvious; self-inflicted insomnia! Do you ever lie down and your heart is pumping a hundred to the dozen?  It almost feels like you are having a panic attack, and despite feeling awful […]