Video Wed: Exhaustion Tips: To cheer you up if it’s sleep deprivation

This week I’m combining my Video Wed with the Tips on how to deal with Exhaustion! Sometimes we are just exhausted because we are Mums.  Sometimes it’s because of the pressures of life.  But sometimes it’s because our little blighters / gorgeous children are rubbish sleepers! Mine are rubbish sleepers, I haven’t ‘slept through the night’ in 5yrs.  There are […]

Weight Loss Tips No8: What to Eat

So last week I went through quantities of food; smaller plates and food diaries.  This week it’s about what you eat.  There are no complicated recipes here, it’s all very basic as most of us Mums just don’t have the time to faff around.  But feel free to faff as much as you like if you are a great cook, just […]

Tips for Making a Monthly Plan to avoid overdoing it

So in my last 2 posts, we talked about embracing the exhaustion so that you can find out what caused it and then making a plan to deal with it. Once your back on top, keep your eyes on the rest of my exhaustion tips, because there are still some fabulous ones to come to help you maintain your energy […]

The 4 types of help: Be careful who you ask for advice

It’s easy to feel warm and fluffy when we talk to people about our problems, but does it sometimes require some discernment about who we talk to?  I reckon there are four types of advice … 1) Sympathetic Ear Sometimes we just want a sympathetic ear; fair enough it can be therapeutic to offload and not keep it all inside. […]

Video Wed: BreastFeeding Awareness week: a Doctor’s ignorance and the importance of complaining

Two weeks ago I went to the doctor, it had taken me months to get sorted and I had a couple of quite important things to talk about.  The first was some pain in the back of my head, and the doctor was insistent that it was nothing to do with an infection I had just when Little Dimples was […]

The Top 6 Things that make a man unsexy?

This should be so obvious after my post about what makes a man sexy, but just incase you are one of the mums leaving my blog posts open on your laptop for your husbands to read, I thought I would do a ‘state the bleeding obvious’ post, as what is obvious to us, isn’t always obvious to our men. Then […]

Video Wed: Stop Whining and Sort It Out

Sounds harsh heh, ‘stop whining and sort it out’: but you know what I mean don’t you?  There comes a time when your friends need to stop listening to you, and kick you out the door telling you to do something about it all, or at least one of the things that you are whining about. I’m the same; I […]

Exhaustion Tips: Make a Plan

One of the worst things about being exhausted is that the overwhelm means that you can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel.  But there is something that can really help feel like you have it more under control, and that is to make a plan of action.  Yes, some of it might be out of your ability […]

Weight Loss Tips No6: Hydration: How to drink more water

So we have covered the 4 reasons why weight loss is so difficult, and now you know them it will be easy! Hopefully you’ve done the mindset exercise (this is a must), and set sensible goals using lots of different ways of measuring your success. Now point 2 in the 4 aspects to cover for successful weightloss was Hydration. There […]