Video Wed: Bristol, the simpler things in life and sunshine

Bristol is a weird place, it has an odd magnetic nature.  I remember a social worker telling me that they recommended that families didn’t move elderly relatives out of Bristol because they hardly ever reacted well to it. A few weeks ago we went back to my home town of Bristol to meet up with some old friends who were […]

How to travel with co-sleeping babies or children that need bed guards

We are only just going on our first family summer holiday, so I hadn’t really faced the whole practicalities of travelling with a co-sleeping Little Dimples, and a 5yo Curly Headed Boy who still needed some form of bed guard to keep him in bed. When we have travelled with my son before, we had just crossed our fingers that […]

Video Wed: A New Way To Look At Creativity

So did I mention that I’m on our first ever family summer holiday?  Yep, a couple of times maybe?  I’m hoping that at some point during this holiday I will have been able to watch the film or read the book ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I know that some people love it and some people hate it, so […]

Sparkle Tips: Hair Accessories

Welcome to my first Sparkle Tip, yay!  It’s also the official announcement of my new book which will be available from September called ‘Six Weeks To A Sparkling You’.  At the moment my lovely guinea pigs are just making sure that it really is as simple as possible for you.  I’ll be giving you loads more information as the next […]

Problem Corner: Tips for dealing with being intimidated by other mums at toddler group or school gate

A lovely Mum I know posted the following tweet oneday ‘Hate that I’m intimidated by toddler group. Need to grow some balls. Figuratively speaking.’ so I offered to do a question corner post for her, because what she doesn’t know is that we are all scared shitless of walking into those places (well 99% of us!). She was ill during […]

Video Wed: Some changes in the Mummy Whisperer Blog enroute

So I’m off for a couple of weeks, (burglars don’t even think about it, there are going to be dog sitters, 2 big dogs and a decorator in the house!) on our first hot summer family holidy, yay! But the blog posts will still keep coming.  Apologies to my RSS readers and kindle readers, because I’m not sure I can […]

Weight Loss Tips No11: Dress for self-worth

Hopefully by following my 12 months worth of tips, you are now loads fitter and slimmer, but have you broken the pattern of not feeling good about yourself? Now you know that it wasn’t the weight really that made you unhappy with how you looked don’t you? It was how you felt about yourself. If not you need a hair cut, and […]

Exhaustion Tips: Alcohol

We moved into our town house when I just had a couple of months before Curly Headed Boy was born.  It’s a crescent with 14 houses, and half are full of young families whose babies started to appear 6 weeks after Curly Headed Boy was born.  So it was also pretty sociable, because we were all limited by our babies, […]

Video Wed: Do you let your child believe in magic?

Superheroes, Fairies, Magic, Sea Monsters: The world of a child is full of magic.  So do you encourage it because the role playing and imagination is meant to be good for their development.  Or do you worry about what will happen when the reality of life hits them? Then there is romance, princesses, and happily ever after.  Does that really […]

Weight Loss Tips No10: A Simple Detox for your health and life

A detox can be a great start to a New Year or Spring when you are feeling a bit stagnant, or Start to a weight loss programme, or boost to a weight loss programme. I watched Channel 4’s Food Hospital program and they pretty much proved that Detox’s don’t do much.  So whatever they do, it’s probably partially placebo, and […]