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Competition and What on earth to buy the relatives who has everything?

Do you need ideas for those difficult presents?  Well I have two ways of helping you in this post: Ideas and a competition for a fabulous £100 hamper.  (Actually I recommend keeping the hamper or giving it to me, and buying the presents!).

What I’d really like to say to the men ‘who never need anything’ or ‘who have everything’ is, PLEASE STOP BUYING STUFF FROM SEPTEMBER ONWARDS, so that we have a chance of finding something to buy for you!

Or there’s the ‘Oh I prefer to give at christmas, I don’t need anything in return’ thingy; yeh whatever, I know you, I know you are going to turn up with a lovely, well thought through little gift for me and I’m going to feel really guilty!

But I have a solution!!  Oh yes I have!  (Ok relatives, please now go and read something else!).

If you have a really rich relative, then blow them away by winning this fabulous hamper from Interflora worth £100 and giving it to them by leaving a comment below (see more details about competition entry at the end).  Or as I suggested, keep it for yourself – you can always invite them over for Christmas dinner.

There are lots more Christmas Hampers here, which go from a much more affordable £19.99.  Personally I like the Christmas biscuit tin, but then I love tins or boxes of any kind as you’ll know if you’ve read my de-cluttering posts!  Or the christmas cracker packed with chocolates would suit me too.

For my in-laws I reckon the ‘Luxury Breakfast tray’ is gorgeous and definitely something that you know people would use.  I have a little irish granny help me with looking after Little Dimples who the ‘Christmas Cracker’ at £60 would work as I know she loves champagne and she’s been a really special person, so worth it.

If you have a friend, wife, sister or sister-in-law to buy for then they have a whole section called ‘gifts for her’.  My favourite is the box (remember what I said about boxes/tins) with gorgeous hand cream, candle and shower gel.  Or there is a box of personalised cup cakes, which look gorgeous and since my son’s party I’ve been a big fan of cupcakes.  I didn’t realise that Inter-flora did anything other than flowers (of course there are flowers too, if you want to be more traditional).

Lastly if you love watching Kirstie Allsopp, but are actually pretty craft-challenged or maybe just don’t have time like me then you can buy your wreaths all ready made.  They are quite expensive for parents cutting costs at christmas, but the little festive outdoor barrel would look really pretty on our porch and would be a lot more tasteful than the huge box of lights that the big hairy northern one is about to get out of the loft (yep he is one of those, but I have drawn the limit at a Santa running across the roof).

Right now onto the best bit of this post, Inter flora have kindly sponsored this post and offered that fabulous hamper worth £100.  That’s a pretty big part of the christmas lunch bill off your expenses list, so apply now and then be kind and tell your friends to apply; so that Santa brings you a present too for being such a good Mummy (or Daddy!).

The closing date is Thursday Dec 8th at midnight – any entries after then will not count – and the results will be released first thing on Friday 9th.  So you have less than a week to enter, because I wanted to make sure there is time for the hamper to get to you.


125 thoughts on “Competition and What on earth to buy the relatives who has everything?

  1. What a fabulous prize! Would love to say I’ll share it … but I won’t. I’ll be keeping it just for my and my immediate family! 🙂

  2. Would love to win this, would share with relatives who do the Christmas day cooking, it would make boxing day pretty much sorted!

  3. I would love to keep this myself if I won but I would give it to my mother in law who we wont be seeing over xmas as she lives 200 miles from us, she would be so thrilled @mamamakes

  4. This is a lovely gift, ive made a hamper in the past as a gift for the impossible to buy for people! I think this one if i was lucky enough to win would go to my very lovely elderly mum. Cat x

  5. Wow, what a great hamper! I’m tempted to say I’d keep it all to myself, but actually I’d share it with my in laws. They’ve had a tough year so we could have a lovely pre-Christmas dinner with them when they come to visit.

  6. I’d share it with my family (apart from the choccies which I would keep for myself!).
    Mum spends a fortune buying Christmas food for us all every year so this hamper would be a nice way of repaying her.

  7. My dad always cooks for me and my kids, and so it would be lovely to be able to give him something to say thank you!

  8. I’d give this hamper to my Mum, if I won it – she chooses to spend Christmas alone, but she could do with a treat!

  9. Is it naughty that I would keep the hamper? pennies are tight this year, and I haven’t got any treats in yet!

  10. As much as I’d absolutely love this hamper myself for Christmas (I must make sure my hubby reads this!), I would give it to my son. It’s his first Christmas away from home and also my first Christmas without him. He’s on his own and I know that these delicious treats would definetely bring comfort to both of us at Christmas!

  11. Brilliant giveaway. I would definitely share, with my parents and sisters – we all live a few doors from each other which is nice.

  12. It would provide me with the perfect excuse to invite friends to my house for a change? I’m not a natural host and it would give me a great opportunity to spoil them and return many favours…

  13. I would quickly scoff the contents and then in the hamper itself I would pack a proper picnic and go for a winter picnic

  14. I’m having my parents and my mother in law over this christmas…so, I’d defiinitely share the hamper over christmas with them 🙂

  15. Hi,

    If we won the hamper we would keep it and enjoy it as a family. We’ve had the worst year you could possibly imagine so a nice treat would be fantastic.

    I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas.


  16. I would love to win this as i’m a rubbish cook and I reckon it could be our alternative Chrismas Day Hamper!!! Then I can kick back and enjoy the day instead of stressing about cooking!!! What a fantastic comp.. Merry Christmas!!!

  17. I would share some of it with my daughter and her partner. She has a New Years Eve buffet for both sets of parents, so I would share some of it then. We would all have a better feast

  18. I would give it to my mum and Dad. They always have us over for Christmas and it would be lovely to turn up with this hamper. It would be a real treat for them.

  19. If I won this would be perfect for my father for his xmas. He lives alone and cooks his own meals, I’m proud of him and would love this treat for him.

  20. I would say that I would send it to my mother, but seeing as everyone has managed to invite themselves round to my house, she woldn’t see it! So I’d be reluctantly ( ;0) ) forced to keep it myself to make the crowd’s Christmas extra-pretty!

  21. I’d give to my parents to thank them for hosting Christmas this year…the brownie points might also get me out of the washing up!

  22. id give it to my mum. she has been doing her house up and has workmen in the house non stop. its not been very homely for her lately so this would be such a lovely gift for her.

  23. If I won the hamper I’d have to spend time finding room in the larder! I think I’d share it around – my mother-in-law loves Walkers biscuits and my my mum loves fruit cake. I think everyone would appreciate something from it!

  24. I’d give the chocolates, cake and Christmas pudding to my elderly neighbour, Dorothy, who has a very sweet tooth. She’s quite traditional, so I don’t think she’d appreciate the olives, cashews or chutney … but that’s fine, because I want to keep them for myself!

    I would also keep the port, because we have a longstanding ‘cheese & port on New Year’s Eve’ tradition in this house.

    My parents would probably get a few ‘bits & bobs’ too, because I would never hear the end of it if Dad didn’t get to sample the cookies and biscuits!

  25. We have lots of people over during the Christmas period, some like a tipple, some have a sweet tooth and others are savoury fanatics so it would all be devoured and enjoyed!

  26. I would share the hamper with my family and my neighbour who helps me throughout the year with a shoulder to cry on, change for school dinners and so many other helpful things. It looks lovely! @Bobbity666

  27. I would love to win this hamper. We havent actually bought any xmas food yet, tax credits error/demand for 2k at Xmas isnt good. I would still share with my nextdoor nieghbour because he’s so kind and helpful to us all year. Xx

  28. I would visit some neighbours and invite them to spend a jolly evening with us in the build up to Christmas. There never seems time to stop and talk and this would be the perfect opportunity to initiate some community bonding!

  29. I am going to see my family this christmas for the first time in years so I would love to give this to my parents to say thankyou for having me.

  30. I would take it to my mum’s for Christmas. I know she’s really looking forward to having me and my husband go to hers for the first time in a while, but she’s a little bit worried about providing enough food and drink, so it would be brilliant to be able to give this to her and for us all to enjoy it over the Christmas period. It looks amazing!

  31. Such a fab prize, I would keep some of it for me, hubby and the kids and take some to my Dads where we are going on Boxing Day to celebrate my little boys birthday!!

  32. I would share it with my 18 year old daughter who has just got her own place and is forever popping home to “borrow” food!!! lol

  33. I would be tempted to keep such a great hamper all to myself but I think I would give it to my nan as a thankyou for all the years she devoted to looking after me and my brother, and now she is devoting her time to looking after my grandad who has alzehimers. Would definately put a smile on her face 🙂

  34. I would have a unplanned pre-Christmas lets share the hamper bounty party, sit and chat and have fun until it has all been devoured. Lovely surprise for all.

  35. This hamper is wonderful, if I was lucky enough to win it I would share it with my family and have a Christmas Feast!

  36. I would give it to my nan for her and my cousin who are spending Christmas together as my grandad and aunt have passed away.

  37. Very nice. We’d enjoy working our way through that and I would love the hamper box for storage. I can’t resist the tin either.

  38. The Hamper would be used by everyone during their stay as it would pad out what I provide especially since it may not be enough, so it would save a lot of embarrassment. The wicker bit would remain as a lovely memento.

  39. What a fantastic prize would love to win this and would take it with me on Christmas night as I am nightshift and share it with my work collagues as a lovley treat.

  40. I would give this to my parents, they work hard all tear running a animal sanctuary and dont even get christmas day off, they deserve a treat !!

  41. This would be our Christmas at home indulgence! We’re off visiting lots of family so it would be nice to have some extra treats in the privacy of our own home

  42. i’d give it to my mum as she’s a misery on xmas day and this just might cheer her up (although i doubt it)

  43. After everything I have done and got for everyone this Christmas I would induldge and keep for my self – well, might share some bits with the girls on a pampered night in, or snuggled up with the man on evening!

  44. My son and his girlfriend are visiting this Christmas so I would give them the hamper as a special present to take home with them.

  45. If I was lucky enough to win this hamper, I would take it with my to parents house where I am going for xmas, and we could all share it out, my brother’s and their families and my parents and uncle. Great! Something for everyone.

  46. I would share what I could with the 12 guests I’m having for Christmas day, then take some to our local Old Peoples’ Home where my mother-in-law was so happy in the years before she died

  47. If I won I would give the hamper to my in laws. They just had to cancel their holiday which should have taken them to Spain over Christmas and New Year. M-I-L is poorly and waiting to go to hospital so they suddenly have to organise their christmas at home 🙁 Get well soon M-I-L @piperanddaisy

  48. I would keep the hamper for our own family Christmas and have a really luxurious, indulgent festive season with all of the goodies in the hamper!

  49. would love to win this just like the rest of the bloggers but I know I won’t lol so I am so jeous of the winner already so I hope the winner enjoys it and as a great christmas and a happy 2012

  50. I would share it out between my work colleagues and we could all have a great “last day ” at work before Christmas

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