Ten Tops Tips For Beautiful Skin On A Budget

  One of my biggest tips to looking after yourself and feeling sparklier is to look after your skin. There is no short cut; Kate Moss is a good living example of how partying and not looking after your skin will catch up to you eventually. However, you also don’t have to go as far as Gwyneth Paltrow and you […]

(Re)Subscribe By Email To My Blog

Yay you can now subscribe by email to my blog!! Already subscribed?  Sorry, there is a slight problem …  I was very excited when I first managed this a few months ago.  But anyone who subscribed then is on the wrong feed.  Sorry!  Can you subscribe again pretty please? Why bother? Well otherwise you might miss some of the amazing […]

My Five Top Tips On Deciding Whether To Buy Something

However much we cut back, at some point we do have to buy stuff. The hairy northerner and I cut our costs drastically when he was made redundant, really only buying the most basic stuff we HAD to buy. But now he has a short term contract, we’ve started to buy things again.  Obviously, over the months the list of […]

What on earth are Probiotics and do you need to take them?

I’ve heard people talk about Probiotics for years.  I bet you’ve seen them on the TV talking about yogurt that has this special stuff in it.  You might even have heard of Prebiotics as something slightly different. The main thing I’d heard was that you should take them after antibiotics, but when I went to investigate I got very confused […]