What Happens When You Mix The Mummy Whisperer, Actually Mummy and Verulam Radio Together?

It’s just going to be a little chat between me and Helen from Actually Mummy and Dapper Danny Smith from Radio Verulam; what could go wrong? First thing to go wrong was Little Dimples projectile vomiting across the kitchen.  Hence massive clean up required and then crossing of fingers that my neighbour would still like a playdate with me and […]

Exhaustion Tips: My Top Tips For Getting Your Energy Back Fast

I’ve written a lot about how to get more energy and deal with exhaustion.  But I thought it might be an idea to write my favourite top 10 tips for dragging myself back from the brink in double quick time.  I’d recommend bookmarking it for ‘times of trouble’ or just before the holiday season when you need a quick perk […]

I’ve been accused of being a ‘Yummy Mummy’; Is that bad?

So a few weeks ago someone made a very pointed comment about not liking a children’s farm that I like because it’s so ‘yummy mummy’. Clearly I was being accused of being a ‘yummy mummy’ and not in a good way. To be honest, I was kind of ‘why would you bother to let me know that you don’t approve […]

A Blast From My Past, Confessions and Review of the John Crane Wooden Scooter

I don’t do many product reviews, but when BlogMatch offered me this little scooter from John Crane I fell in love.   There are 3 reasons I love it: 1) It’s wooden and wooden toys just look a hell of a lot nicer when you are looking at a room full of toys 2) It’s sturdy and seems pretty unbreakable […]

I need five minutes of your time for an itsy bitsy vote!

Guess What?!!!!!!! I’ve been jumping up and down for the last couple of weeks because I’ve reached the finals in TWO, yes that’s the TWO main parent blogging competitions this year. Thank you to everyone who nominated me! The first is the ‘BiBs’ or Brilliance in Blogging run by Britmums.  I’m up for the ‘Inspire’ category, and thankfully just have […]

How to fit sex into a busy life as a parent?

I’m back to doing what is most popular on my blog: writing about sex!  In particular how to fit sex into a busy life as a parent. I kept a little quiet for a while as I was in Woman’s magazine a few weeks ago, and it was REALLY embellished.  So I kept my head down incase anyone actually read […]

Why we changed our mind from state school to private and back again

Choosing schools must be one of the most stressful experiences a parent ever goes through. Changing where you child goes to school is even worse! Rationally there is no way that just this one choice will be the making or breaking of them.  But for some reason we become complete nutters when bewildered by choices, social pressure, decisions between private […]

Problem Corner: Lost Myself and Can’t Find My Feet

The Problem I received an email from a Mum a week or so ago that reminded me so much of what many of us feel at times in our lives: I feel like I’ve lost myself and really can’t do anything, be a good mum, work or even decorate our house which we moved in last year. I don’t really think […]

Top Tips For Rosacea (red skin on the face)

I’ve got that typical Bristolian healthy pink cheek look, which along with my curly hair and mighty 5ft 4 1/2 inches, does have the tendency to make me look like a hobbit. The problem is that those pink cheeks can easily descend into Rosacea, especially in the early years when I didn’t know much about it.   Now a days […]

Review of The Lorax And Little Frankie And Benny’s

The Lorax By Dr Seuss Last weekend I felt really chuffed because due to my blogging I was able to give the family a big treat. First we went to see the family premier of ‘The Lorax’ by Dr Seuss.  I was unsure as I’ve never been convinced by Dr Seuss (I just don’t get what ‘one fish, two fish, […]