Everyone is fab

It’s easy to compare ourselves to other people, but we are all fab in our own unique way!


I help Mums (and me!) to enjoy being a Mum more and feel happier, healthier and wealthier.

I also help Small Business Owner mums to get their businesses booming, paying for the bills & fun adventures and fitting into their lives easily.

There is something from everyone from ..
* Blog
* Podcast
* Free facebook communities
* My Total Health series books
* Downloadable programs for small Biz owner mums
* Business Club
* 1to1's

On my blog here, you'll see several blog series about specific subjects:
- Law of attraction - and how to apply it to your life as a mum
- Business with a heart - it is my great belief that it is possible to be successful without losing your heart
- Fibromyalgia/Lyme disease - under the 'heal your life' section
- No diets and bootcamps - is my series about weight loss
- Sparkling you - inspired my book
- Relationships - has a lot of useful information

I believe that we all deserve to be happy, healthy & wealthy!

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  1. Absolutely BRILLIANT post. I think the problem with success is that it’s totally subjective. One person’s idea of success is very different to another’s. Also, if you compare yourself to other people you’ll always find someone more successful (however you choose to measure it), so you just can’t win. Just keep on doing your thing and inspiring people Lisa, because I’d say you’re bloody successful at that! x

  2. @molly thank you lovely – yep comparing ourselves to other mums is where madness lies! Today I have been successful at eating a bar of my son’s chocolate, and keeping my eyes open after 4 awful nights with kids – I definitely deserve an award!

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