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6 Weeks To Sparkling You Course

Turn your life around in 6 weeks and bring back the sparkle to your life.

Start enjoying being a mum more.

The perfect pick me up for overwhelmed and stressed mums

Based on the best selling book by the Mummy Whisperer


Do you find yourself exhausted? Are you sometimes so tired you can’t even look at a problem, let alone do anything about it? Do you take your frustration out on the kids and end up shouting at them? Are you terrified of disappearing into the grey banality of suburban motherhood?

This course is full of simple, practical and easy to fit into your life guidance. It will turn your life around. After you finish it, you’ll have more contentment, more time, more energy, more space, more money and most importantly more sparkle.

Even better, you can do all this without changing your children, partner, life, house or financial situation, from the comfort of your own home.

This fabulous course has a whole pile of punch, and will help you to beat the greyness, overwhelm, frazzle, stress, exhaustion, suffocation, and worry of a mum’s life: it’s a life makeover.

The Mummy Whisperer doesn’t add to the already heavy load of a mum; she reduces the load, changing your life, and letting you maintain the new you with just a few seconds a day.

She won’t tell you how to be a mum. She won’t tell you what you should do. She will help you to become calmer and more contented. You will be able to de-clutter all the noise and stress around you. You will be able to hear yourself and be you again.

You are magnificent; you just don’t know it.

This book won’t make you into a perfect mum or a super mum, it will make you into the mum you are meant to be, which is just what your family has always wanted.

Included in this course:

Facebook community – Value £50 – the synchronicity and support that you gain from Facebook groups in situations like this is amazing and helps to propel you towards your new life, much more powerfully.

Course material – Value £50 – 6 Steps to sparkling you manual

Constant access – Value £90 – Access to this group and course, forever, including any updates.

6 videos – Value £500 – one per section, to explain what is involved and give guidance on how to tackle the week.

Weekly Facebook Live Q&A session – Value £500 – mid-week to answer any questions and give motivation to finish the actions needed.

Total Value: £1140.

+ Free Bonus – value £15 – a relaxing meditation to help on the difficult days

Actual Cost: £47 (This time only, then the price will be going up)

Next Course Start Date: To be confirmed, likely June 2017

Week 1: More Contentment


To be content with what we have in life is a real gift, and not always easy to come by.  It’s not about settling with what you have got, as we all deserve the best, but it’s also not about changing what we have without appreciating it first; a complicated balance to make.

Most importantly it’s not all about being ‘happy’ or ‘positive’.  It’s about aiming to be balanced, heart centred, calm and content.

Week 2: More Time

Your a Mum.  So one thing I’m pretty sure of is that you are strapped for time; me too!  In fact improving my time management seems to be something I keep having to do, because as the goal posts change, so do my priorities.

It might seem a faff to be a bit organised, but it can really help your energy levels and state of emotional health.  Because running around like a headless chicken, fire fighting all the problems that arise, leads to us living in a state of panic (unless you are one of the few that doesn’t mind), making rubbish decisions, and generally going in circles.  Ironically, kids always choose this time to behave worse as well!

Week 3: More Energy

Having not slept through the night in 6yrs I’ve got a lot of tips to share here, because I’m seriously not exhausted often, so I really know how to keep my head above water, even when I’m being woken every hour (I am blessed with rubbish sleepers).  But there are times when my energy levels go below the red line, and I have to drag myself back.  Plus, at those times it feels as though you are on the edge of something more serious, like depression, so I will touch on how to help with the emotional/mental side of exhaustion as well.

I’m doing them as weekly tips, so that I don’t get too exhausted writing them up!  This is not about sleep training tips, although I will give a few of the ideas that have helped me.  This is more about you being in a situation that means that you are exhausted and have to learn to cope with it, rather than remove the lack of sleep from the equation.

The most important thing to remember is to never push yourself beyond your limits and work WITH the exhaustion, rather than against it.

Week 4: More Space

Children and STUFF; they kind of come hand in hand.  In fact there might already have been a house full of stuff due to husbands and dogs as well.

What do you do when it all gets too much and you are suffocating under all the stuff?  Move House?  Not so easy now a days.  So I’ll be doing regular tips on getting more space in the house.

Week 5: More Money


We’re parents, that means there is a long list of things that we have to buy for the kids and home.  But it is possible to improve our financial situations, save money and cut costs, despite the things that restrict us.

It’s less about making more money, although there are certainly things you can do to be more likely to get a pay rise, and if you work for yourself you could change things potentially and bring in more money.

It’s also not about becoming a millionnaire, because that’s not what I’m skilled in.

What I’m good at, is making the most of the money we have, and getting value from it.

After all, how much money we have doesn’t actually determine how much is left at the end of the month.  It’s how we manage it, prioritise it, value it, and use it that determines what we get from it.

Money is just money.  It’s not good or evil.  It can stress us, or help us.

The question is, how would you like your relationship with money to be?

Week 6: More Sparkle

What would life be like without any sparkle?  Grey, mundane, dull and boring … yuk.

Now when you love your life it tends to automatically sparkle, and if you’ve followed my other tips you’ll be well on your way.  But sometimes we need added help.