Blogging Awards & Connections

I’ve listed some of the following for you … Awards Events and Connections Associations Awards Brand Ballot’s No 42 in their Top 200 Parent Bloggers of 2018: Love all Blog’s 5 blogs you need in your life. Fibro Daily’s Warrior Of the Week. Healthline’s Top 16 Fibromyalgia Blogs of 2012 2013 Shortlisted as Best video […]

Vote For Tutbury Eco Power In Energyshare’s competition and help a Primary School Cut Costs

At the weekend I told you all about the exciting project I’ve been asked to be involved in, where I am supporting Tutbury Eco Power in Staffordshire, in their bid to win £75,000 in the competition hosted by Energyshare (whose founding partners are River Cottage and British Gas).  If you are a fan of Three […]

Learning About Solar Energy with Tutbury Eco Power and Energyshare

I might not have the best Eco credentials in the world as a blogger, in fact I’ve looked briefly at politics and the riots, but I don’t think I’ve covered green issues yet, although I do love saving money and recycling has always appeared to be sensible to me, with or without global warming.  Well […]