Business With A Heart

I believe passionately that it is possible to be a raging success with a small business whilst not:

  • Being Ruthless or Cut throat
  • Purposely damaging or attacking someone else’s business
  • Lying, Manipulating or Stealing
  • Treating your staff badly
  • Dropping all morals and ethics.
  • Losing your soul and becoming cynical and bad tempered.

I’ve been through a HUGE learning curve over the past few years since moving on from being self-employed and starting my own business in 2013.  I’m going to share all my mistakes with you, so that you can avoid them, or move through them faster.

I probably can’t tell you all the seriously awful things that have happened to me – I’ve certainly had more than my fair share of ‘difficulties’.  But I’m still here – I’m a determined old bag!

There are some things I actually got right too!

I’m also going to collect stories of ‘Businesses with a heart’ that succeeded, so that we can all see that it is definitely possible.  We need stories of hope and success on the difficult days, to keep us going.

There might be shorter methods of being a success, but I’m looking for long term success and one that my children will be proud of.  Most of all I would love them and other business owners to take heart and aim for what they would love.

I believe business is like nature.  Yes, there are those animals who aggressively & viciously try to poach from their competitors.  But you don’t need to be like that to succeed, you will need to embrace the natural balance of nature – be strong and you survive, be weak and you won’t.  You will need the fire and protection of a lion and the leadership of a wolf – a no messing kind of energy.

I also believe in karma – I believe that those behaving against nature in a ‘greedy’ way, will eventually get their comeuppance, normally when they have the most to lose in a spectacular fall.  We’ll have to see about that though!

There will be lots of Facebook live videos, on my Mummy Whisperer page.  I’ll then pop them into here with a brief description.  I’d love to write them all up, but I just don’t have time – I’ll make them short and pithy though!

Make sure you have set notifications on my page to ‘first’ and on one of my lives as to be informed when I go live.

I’ve created a Facebook group so that we can create a community to support each other: ‘Business with a heart‘.

I’m going to be reviewing ‘Businesses with a heart’ that have become successful, in order to give the rest of us hope, that it really is possible!  If you would like to be reviewed, then please have a look at the criteria here.

You might like my videos about health and healing as well – you need to be able to keep going – I have a Facebook group to support you called ‘stepping into the flow’.

If you are interested in Beauty tips or are local and need a place to rest and recuperate, then check out my Espiritu Facebook page (again remember to set notifications to first).

Here’s to being a raging success!!

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