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Setting Up A Journal For Planning & Stress Mgmt

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE journalling!

I think that it is the cheapest form of therapy – and it has been scientifically proven to help improve the immune system and tap into creative ideas to resolved a problem that our logical mind can’t find an answer for.

So here is how I set up my journal for a quarter – one will last me 3 months.

Section 1: Is for my business and personal goals

Section 2: Is my monthly planning and weekly tracking, with a little bit of diary

Section 3: Is for my notes, getting any rubbish out of my head when I’m upset, strengthening my mindset and tuning into my more inspired state.

I’ve gone into loads of detail here in a free video I did:

Any questions, pop them in the comments.

If you’d like to see which journal I use, it is a dingbats dotted journal and there is an affiliate link to it on the right hand side to Amazon – I would much appreciate it, if you buy them from there, if you don’t mind.

I use journalling in both of the memberships that I offer.

  1. The Sparkling Mums Club –
    This club is for mums who feel controlled by their anxiety and overwhelm, and need daily nudges or tips to stay centred and learn to navigate the ups and downs of life more gracefully.
    We use journalling for healing when we are emotionally overwhelmed and pacing our weeks, so that we can manage our energy more sensibly.
    This is only £15.99pm and the first week is FREE! (at the moment).

2. The Business Mastery Club –

This club is for it is business owner mums, especially in a service orientated business starting at just £49pm.
We use it for getting inspired ideas for the business, staying balanced during the ups and downs, and being focussed and accountable for our goals

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