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3 Fast Tips To Feel Better If You Are Mega Stressed

I wanted to jump on, as it’s ‘tough out there’ and I’ve got some simple, but powerful ideas to help …

1) Supporting your body – then it can support you

2) Stop telling yourself off for feeling Mega Stressed – it won’t help, in fact it makes it worse

3) Journalling – I use this for pacing, planning, getting the cr*p out of my head when I’m upset and coming up for new inspired ideas.

I talk about them in more depth and why they are so powerful in this short 10min video:

I mention that there are a few ways that I can help you if you enjoyed this video …

1) CBD oil – is amazing in my humble opinion, I’ve used it for years. Check out this page for more information: <CBD>

2) Journalling – I’m going live on my page tomorrow to show you how I set up my journal for a 3 month period – I will add it as a blog post in here.

3) The Sparkling Mums Club – this club is for mums who feel controlled by their anxiety and overwhelm, and need daily nudges or tips to stay centred and learn to navigate the ups and downs of life more gracefully. This is only £15.99pm and the first week is FREE! (at the moment). <Click here to sparkle>

4) The Business Mastery Club – it is a scary time to be owning / starting a business right now, but I have got you covered, with all the business, social media & tech info, accountability and how to tune into your intuition, starting at just £49pm. <Click here to master your business>

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