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More Energy

Having not slept through the night in 6yrs I’ve got a lot of tips to share here, because I’m seriously not exhausted often, so I really know how to keep my head above water, even when I’m being woken every hour (I am blessed with rubbish sleepers).  But there are times when my energy levels go below the red line, and I have to drag myself back.  Plus, at those times it feels as though you are on the edge of something more serious, like depression, so I will touch on how to help with the emotional/mental side of exhaustion as well.

I’m doing them as weekly tips, so that I don’t get too exhausted writing them up!  This is not about sleep training tips, although I will give a few of the ideas that have helped me.  This is more about you being in a situation that means that you are exhausted and have to learn to cope with it, rather than remove the lack of sleep from the equation.

The most important thing to remember is to never push yourself beyond your limits and work WITH the exhaustion, rather than against it.

These are the blog posts that initially birthed the chapter on how to get more time in my book.  Feel free to check them out.  They will be more polished in the book and there will be extra bits, but I’ll also be adding new tips or clever products in my blog that help when I find them.

You may also find my tips on ‘healthy eating for rubbish cooks‘, weight loss, and exercise will help you as well.

Remember sometimes it’s also worth checking with a doctor if you have been exhausted for a while, it could be that there is something physically wrong with you that needs looking at.


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