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Exercise Tips

Running Tips


A few months into my weight loss, I decided to up the anti and add some exercise.

Remember my priority is first to be healthy, then fit, and only then slimmer.

So as it’s slightly different and I plan on trying all sorts of exercises.

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The Rules

1) Don’t exercise too soon after giving birth – I’m talking at least 6 weeks, and only then with help.  Probably more like a few months, unless you are just looking at light walking.  Maybe even longer if you had a caesarian.  Get a doctors or professionals opinion.

2) Don’t do too much jumping up and down stuff when you are pregnant (get advice).  Think of your insides like a plastic bag with tins in it; bang them up and down too much and the bag breaks, and your bladder gets affected!

3) Stop freaking out about the baby weight!  It will go, but sometimes there are more important things in life, or you are just too exhausted for it to really matter.

4) Don’t run if you are overweight, that is what walking is for.  It’ll just be a couple of months of waiting.

5) Remember that when you are old and grey it is your ability to stand up straight, walk, and be flexible that will determine how fit you are.  So if you do nothing else consider these exercises first:

      • Dancing
      • Walking
      • Swimming
      • Yoga
      • Pilates
6) Mix types of exercise.  That way you will reduce the likelihood of injury.  Sticking to just one form will not get you the balanced health and fitness I’m after for you.

7) ALWAYS warm up and cool down with no exception

8) ENJOY it.  You can have fun and exercise; there is too little time in this world to be doing something you hate!


These are the blog posts that initially birthed the free chapter on how to lose weight in my sparkling book, which due to it’s popularity I realised should be a book in it’s own right.  Feel free to check them out.

They will be more polished in the book and there will be extra bits, but I’ll also be adding new tips or clever products in my blog that help when I find them.


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