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What CAN I Eat That Isn’t Weird With Low Histamine?

There are loads of great articles about High Histamine Foods Or Mast Cell Activation and what to avoid, but I found that it put me into a real spin, because I couldn’t work out what I COULD eat.

And there were a lot of ‘weird’ foods – things that are not every day, and I was NOT ready to handle them as well as everything else.

A few notes:

  • Beef & Lamb is tricky, because it is so often aged – but if very fresh & organic then it would be fine
  • Fish needs to be frozen within the hour of catching it – I haven’t found a way of checking this in the UK, which is why I didn’t include it in the list.
  • If the food has a ‘?’ next to it, it might be OK for some people. For instance eggs don’t work for me (high in sulphur)
Fresh organic chickenApplesBroccolliCarrotsBrazil nutOregano
TurkeyBlackcurrantAsparagusCeleryPine nuts?Mint
BlueberriesBok ChoiCucumberParsley
DAIRY & OILSCherryCabbageIceberg lettuceDRINKSThyme
ButterCranberryCauliflowerChamomile TeaTurmeric
Soft Cheese?GooseberriesCornOTHERElderflower cordialRosemary
Coconut oil / milkGrapesKale (flat)MilletPeppermint Tea
Goat MilkLycheeOnions?QuinoaCoffee?Sugar
LardMelons (not water)ParsnipCornflakesQuinine?Maple Syrup
Mozzarella cheese?PeachPumpkinsRice
Oat milk?Plum?Peas?Rice CakesSucrose
Olive oilSweet PotatoeRice NoodlesXylitol

I’ve focussed here on what you CAN eat (and ignored things that you might be much more willing to try if you are more imaginative and adventurous than I am.

I recommended sticking to what you CAN eat for a while and focus on calming your nervous system. Then you can investigate supplements that you can use to expand your eating list.

To refer back to what you can’t eat, check out these 2 lists:

The Swiss Food List: This appears to be the best one:

The food list from the Histamine Intolerance site, which is my favourite for easy, helpful information.

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