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Problem Corner

This is a regular feature where a reader can email me and ask me a question about something that is going on in their lives, especially if it is related to a recent blog that might need some more information.  Anything goes, you can’t shock me, I bet I’ve seen or heard worse, or funnier!

You can keep it totally anonymous, that’s absolutely fine by me.

I’ll try to solve as much as I can – if you have a big problem, then it might take a couple of steps!


To apply Email me: Lisa at MummyWhisperer dot com


There are some general things I’d like to know about you, I’m sure you can work out which ones will be relevant to your problem:

  • Age, general health & fitness, how much water/caffiene/alcohol you drink, what exercise you do, sleeping patterns, energy levels
  • How are you feeling about yourself, kids, partner, family and work?
  • Age of your children, nursery or school,
  • What did you for work before the kids and what are you doing or hoping to do now?
  • Married, single? Hows the sex life?
  • Financially great, struggling or in the middle somewhere? Do you budget?  Do you spend money on yourself?  How is your spending organised?

Check out some of the previous ones.

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