So I’m off for a couple of weeks, (burglars don’t even think about it, there are going to be dog sitters, 2 big dogs and a decorator in the house!) on our first hot summer family holidy, yay!

But the blog posts will still keep coming.  Apologies to my RSS readers and kindle readers, because I’m not sure I can stagger the publishing for you, whereas my twitter and facebook readers will get the scheduled status updates.

You might have noticed that I’ve changed the headers of the blog a little, which also means that I’m going to change the structure of the weekly blog posts:

There is now one for the ‘Question corner‘ readers questions, I’ll be doing a fortnightly readers question, and would love to hear from you if you would like a bit of help with a problem you are facing.

I’ve created another called ‘Get Sparkling‘ which is for all those of you scared of disappearing into the grey mundaness of motherhood.  I’ve coordinated all my tips and a lot of extras too complex for a blog into a book called ‘Six Weeks To A Sparkling You’, but I will be continuing to add weekly tips for the people who have bought my book as I’m bound to come up with more!  However, I’ve now finished my 3 months of weight loss tips, so they will reduce in frequency, and will be interspersed with tips on dealing with exhaustion, making more space around the house, getting more time and dealing with money problems.

Under the banner of ‘Closer Relationships‘ there are two specific categories to do with Sex and Affairs, but I bet there will be loads more coming to help you with your children and partners.

I’ve created a new page for ‘Schools‘ information, because although I’m a ‘Mummy’ whisperer and not a ‘Child’ whisperer, obviously I have encountered certain problems and had to find answers, so I’ve listed the most important ones.  Under it is the summary information about bullying.

I’ll keep going with Video Wednesday, but keep switching the subject matter, to keep you interested!

The geek in me is really chuffed with a new short introduction video that I’ve managed to pop in the side-bar.  When I get back I’m hoping to add the an audio widget for the blind and a translator as well.

I won’t find out until September whether I won the Small Business Finalist Category for the MADS Blogging awards, so keep crossing your fingers for me, and thank you for all your votes!  I’ve been meaning to write up all the radio interviews and newspaper articles that were done in the process, and promise to do it in when I get back.

Let me know if there is anything that you would like more or less of, I’m here for you as well as my own enjoyment after all!  One piece of feedback was from someone who said that the blog posts about my own life were the most interesting, so I’m going to add more of those.  Mind you all the posts are somehow related to me, or someone close in my life, or things I’ve helped clients with over the years, it’s just that sometimes I’m a bit subtle about it sometimes to protect the other people involved!  However, to those people at hairy northern hubby’s office who think it’s funny to wind him up and suggest that any mention of something to do with men is to do with him; Seriously, leave the poor guy alone, I have met other people in my life!

In the meantime, this weeks Video Wednesday is The Scorpions Winds Of Change, as it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary at the weekend after 22yrs in total together, so I thought I might send a little pressie to the big hairy northern one of our wedding song …


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