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Weight Loss Tips No11: Dress for self-worth

Weight Loss Tips For Mums

Hopefully by following my 12 months worth of tips, you are now loads fitter and slimmer, but have you broken the pattern of not feeling good about yourself?

Now you know that it wasn’t the weight really that made you unhappy with how you looked don’t you?

It was how you felt about yourself.

If not you need a hair cut, and a shopping trip to give you a boost.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive shopping trip, but if you are on a very fixed budget, then make sure you do a lot of planning first and check out all your favourite shops on the internet.  It’s not that ‘we are what we look like’, so your hair cut and your clothes don’t really matter.  However how we treat ourselves is important and if you are treating yourself like a second class citizen in comparison to the rest of the household, then that is how you will feel.

Go and get some makeup tips and have a free makeover, just don’t take your credit card so that you can’t be encouraged to buy anything!  I bet it’s been ages since you rethought your make up heh?

Oh and bin all the saggy and mis-coloured under wear! Just because you are the only one who sees it, doesn’t mean that it needs to be ‘practical’ or unattractive’.  Pretty lace underwear is not more expensive that the ugly stuff we often buy!

Do all this and you’ll feel like you lost half a stone over night, because your clothes will fit you better, and you’ll feel better about yourself.  Then you’ll stand up properly, and walk tall!

Well done on your progress so far!

For those of you who have got a little stuck, then remember to look back over the rest of the tips, but I will post something soon on how to get over a dip.

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