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Work with me

I love this blog, it means I can be with you 24×7 365 days a year!

But sometimes reading a blog post isn’t enough and you need some more direct help and there are more options.

  1. My Facebook page – I do regular facebook lives, healing and tips on my page, remember to press [Like] and set your notification settings to first, and set to receive notification of my lives, or you may never see my posts.
  2. I also have a facebook group ‘‘#MUMMYWHISPERER Tips‘ where I add extra tips and offer free advice when you have questions.
  3. My Newsletter – means you can get a regular summary in your inbox (subscribe on the right hand side of my blog) and a free gift to help you be ‘Happier, healthier and wealthier’.
  4. My best selling book ‘6 Steps to a sparkling you‘ is even better, as it’s all the ‘Sparkling’ blog posts in a more structured and flowing manner.  Well tested by thousands of readers!

Need more help from me?

For full information, please see my main site.

1. Freebies

I often run free online courses and many are available to download from my main site.

3) In-depth Group Memberships

I’m passionate about the power of working in groups; the synchronicities are astounding, and as each member shifts, they bring the rest of the group with them.  This is definitely the best route for consistent, big life changes.

Lets Get Started: For small business owner mums with a business they are just starting or need to boost to make more money.  All the practical information you need, plus energetic & emotional support, whilst keeping your focussed and accountable.

4. 1to1 Healing & Coaching

I can help you brainstorm new ideas, turn your health around, and breakthrough problems and traumas in your life.  Available either 1to1