Work with me

I love this blog, it means I can be with you 24×7 365 days a year!

But sometimes reading a blog post isn’t enough and you need some more direct help and there are more options.

  1. My Facebook page – I do regular facebook lives, healing and tips on my page, remember to press [Like] and set your notification settings to first, and set to receive notification of my lives, or you may never see my posts.
  2. I also have a facebook group ‘Create your dream life with the Mummy Whisperer‘ where I add extra tips and run free online courses
  3. And another facebook group ‘Business with a Heart‘ for my business tips.
  4. My Newsletter – means you can get a regular summary in your inbox (subscribe on the right hand side of my blog).
  5. My best selling book ‘6 Steps to a sparkling you‘ is even better, as it’s all the ‘Sparkling’ blog posts in a more structured and flowing manner.  Well tested by thousands of readers!

Need more?

1. Freebies

I often run free online courses. 

  1. New Year Declutter – run in January
  2. Time for change – run 2x per annum
  3. Enjoy the school holidays – run just before the holidays 😉
  4. Change your £ story – coming autumn 2018

2. Online Courses

Sometimes you might need more support or wish to go deeper into a subject.  This is when one of my evergreen (once you are in, you are in forever!) online courses would help.

(Dad’s some of these courses aren’t suitable for you as they include a facebook group for the mums, but I can do an affordable 1to1 online option instead).


Happier Mums Use The Attraction’ – A 6 week email/online course to help you deeply learn the Law of Attraction and apply it to your life.  Even relevant for those who have learnt a little about the LOA.


Love Yourself More : a 6 day/week course that will help you change your life forever by improving your relationship with yourself and therefore improving the rest of your life as well.

Be Healthy : a 6 day/week course to help you become healthier, fitter, stronger and slimmer (in that order!)

Be Wealthy: Coming by end of august 2018

Be Happy: Coming soon

3. Kick Start Your Dream Life Online Group

This is a 3 month focus group for those that know they don’t want to learn about the Law of Attraction alone and they want to guarantee that they have learnt it properly.

4.  Mastermind group ‘Manifesting Mums’

This is for when you have a very important goal to achieve or need extra hand holding for the next 12 months, having attended my ‘Happier Mums’ and ‘Kick Start’ courses/groups.  It is possible to then extend your membership by 3 month periods if you would like to continue to have the support of the group.

5. 1to1 Healing and Coaching

I can help you brainstorm new ideas, turn your health around, and breakthrough problems and traumas in your life.  Available either 1to1 at Espiritu, or over Skype/Phone.