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Be Happy


Being happy is something we all deserve – can you imagine if everyone in the world was happy, how different it would be?  I don’t believe that wealth or health actually make us truly happy.  I think that it comes from within and our relationship with ourselves.  But following quickly after that is our relationship with our kids, family, partner, friends and the world.

So underneath this banner of ‘being happy’ are all the blog posts about:

  1. Sparkling you – my book that helps you to regain control and the sparkle in your life however limited on time or money you are.
  2. Relationships – so important to us all and the cause of a lot of pain if we don’t choose well.
  3. Kids – obviously crucial to us mums

I recommend you check out my course ‘Love yourself more‘ as part of the journey to being happier, because until we are happy within ourselves, we can’t attract/create happy relationships.