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Be Wealthy


Oh my goodness for many this will be a challenging idea, but hold off for a minute before all your money demons kick in!

True wealth is not at the detriment of your health, family, relationships, community or the world.

Plus we all have different levels at which we’d feel wealthy.

I’d like to encourage you to think that maybe we all deserve to be wealthy?  Certainly financially better off that we are right now (otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this!).  I think that you deserve to feel secure, free, light, happy and able to do everything that your heart would love to do!

The blog posts included in this theme are from:

  1. More Money – my booking ‘sparkling you’ with lots of financial tips
  2. Business with a heart – to encourage small business owners in this cut throat world

I also recommend that you read all the Law of Attraction posts as that is very important in helping you to get wealthier.