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Healing or Coaching

My Services

I offer coaching, healing or a mixture of both for mums/moms (Dad’s yes I can help you too).  I can help with any area of your life: relationships, health, work, family etc.

I help with current goals or past traumas and pains, whatever is getting in the way or causing you distress.

My Background

I am not a parenting technique expert, it’s about human behaviour and how we can help you to enjoy being a mum more and deal with the challenges and relationships in your life.

I’ve been a healer, Reiki master and coach since 2000 and owner of my Salon and Spa since 2013. After learning several complex therapies I’ve returned to my roots and offer Healing and Coaching with a ‘shamanic twist’ to help you to make changes in your life and leave behind old hurts and traumas.  I specialises in big ‘Breakthrough Sessions’ where there is a dramatic change afterwards.

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