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Your a Mum.  So one thing I’m pretty sure of is that you are strapped for time; me too!  In fact improving my time management seems to be something I keep having to do, because as the goal posts change, so do my priorities.

It might seem a faff to be a bit organised, but it can really help your energy levels and state of emotional health.  Because running around like a headless chicken, fire fighting all the problems that arise, leads to us living in a state of panic (unless you are one of the few that doesn’t mind), making rubbish decisions, and generally going in circles.  Ironically, kids always choose this time to behave worse as well!

These are the blog posts that initially birthed the chapter on how to get more time in my book.  Feel free to check them out.  They will be more polished in the book and there will be extra bits, but I’ll also be adding new tips or clever products in my blog that help when I find them.



Mum putting herself first

Should Mums put themselves first a Lot, a Little, or somewhere in between?

Posted on Oct 17th, 2012 - By MummyWhisperer - 27 Comments

  How important is it for us Mums to maintain a self of our identity after having kids do you think? How much should we be doing purely…

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Can Mums have everything they want

Can Mums Have It All

Posted on Jul 3rd, 2012 - By MummyWhisperer - 20 Comments

I haven't blogged about this, despite Cherie-gate etc etc etc.  But this morning I'm grumpy, so I thought I'd let lose and have some fun with…

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What Happens In A Week Off Reading, Facebook and Twitter?

Posted on Mar 26th, 2012 - By MummyWhisperer - 4 Comments

With great trepidation I decided to take a week off 'reading'.  The idea being that it can be a way of avoiding life sometimes. Being a busy mum…

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Top Tips For Reducing The Stress And Overwhelm

Posted on Feb 28th, 2012 - By MummyWhisperer - 0 Comments

Here are my promised 6 Top Tips for beginning to turn your life around and reduce the stress and overwhelm in your life. When Nick coffer (My…

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Important To Do

How To Reduce Your To Do’s: Dump, Delegate, Do, Delay

Posted on Feb 21st, 2012 - By MummyWhisperer - 4 Comments

There are thousands of time management courses I bet.  Probably a few hundred written for Mums. This is as simple as it gets for you, with a…

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To do list

Dump, Delegate, Do, Delay – my motto for today

Posted on Jan 18th, 2012 - By MummyWhisperer - 7 Comments

Yesterday I pulled something in my back, it hurts and the last couple of days I've fancied a jolly good cry, which means it's time to listen to a bit…

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An Alternative to New Years Resolutions: Your Top 3 Life Priorities

Posted on Jan 4th, 2012 - By MummyWhisperer - 13 Comments

I'm not a fan of New Years Resolutions, I think it's a time for a detox, clear out and rest. Goals can just add to the weight of things we don't…

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Tips for Making a Monthly Plan to avoid overdoing it

Posted on Jun 24th, 2011 - By MummyWhisperer - 1 Comment

So in my last 2 posts, we talked about embracing the exhaustion so that you can find out what caused it and then making a plan to deal with…

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Exhaustion Tips: Make a Plan

Posted on Jun 14th, 2011 - By MummyWhisperer - 3 Comments

One of the worst things about being exhausted is that the overwhelm means that you can't see any light at the end of the tunnel.  But there is…

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To do list

What Will Cause The Most ‘Pain’ If Not Done By The End Of Today?

Posted on Apr 19th, 2010 - By MummyWhisperer - 2 Comments

In 'ye olden days', i.e. 2 months ago before the arrival of 'little dimples', my second child, I used to ask myself what might seem a slightly dark…

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