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More Time


Your a Mum.  So one thing I’m pretty sure of is that you are strapped for time; me too!  In fact improving my time management seems to be something I keep having to do, because as the goal posts change, so do my priorities.

It might seem a faff to be a bit organised, but it can really help your energy levels and state of emotional health.  Because running around like a headless chicken, fire fighting all the problems that arise, leads to us living in a state of panic (unless you are one of the few that doesn’t mind), making rubbish decisions, and generally going in circles.  Ironically, kids always choose this time to behave worse as well!

These are the blog posts that initially birthed the chapter on how to get more time in my book.  Feel free to check them out.  They will be more polished in the book and there will be extra bits, but I’ll also be adding new tips or clever products in my blog that help when I find them.



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