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Happier mums instructions


Congratulations!  I’m so excited to welcome you into the groundswell of mums creating their dream lives with this simple life changing information!

What happens now?

  1. Please join the facebook community:
  2. Check the pinned post – it will explain how to access the course material
  3. Make sure that you’ve selected to be notified of updates in the groups and my facebook lives – I will be coming in regularly to give the group a boost.
  4. Ask questions in the group – you are helping everyone if you ask a question as they will learn from it.  If you are nervous you can always search first to see if it has been asked before.
  5. Register below so that I can send you reminder emails.  This is really important as in the past I found that I lost momentum when courses were constantly running, so in this way I can keep you motivated and focussed.




Now what’s most important is to REALLY delve into this course.  I know it was very affordable,  but it is worth thousands in what it can do for you.  Make sure you don’t skip any exercise or meditation, especially the free bonuses (some people have said, they are the most powerful bit!).

If you decide at some point that you would like more support, then feel free to pop me a message about my 6 month ‘Kick start your focus’ group and 12 month ‘Manifesting Mums’ mastermind group.

Good luck – remember that you deserve to have the life of your dreams!