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Be Healthy

I’ve had my own journey with my health over the years, even after becoming a healer and coach, so not only do I have a tonne of skills/knowledge that I’ve learn’t, but I’ve also got a load of practical experience.  Being ill is certainly an amazing way to learn new stuff, but I wouldn’t recommend it!

These are all the blog posts about health, fitness, weight and my chronic illness.  Some have been specifically organised for you into:

  1. More Energy – blog posts that helped create one of my chapters in my ‘Sparkling you’ book
  2. No diets and bootcamps – blog posts that help you to get fitter and slimmer
  3. Fibromyalgia and Lyme – blog posts with tips if you are suffering from a chronic illness

My Posts

Here is a list of all my posts about ‘Heal your life’:

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