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Kick Start Your Dream Life Group

Have you struggled to reach your goals in the past?

Would you like more help in applying the Law Of Attraction to your life?

Do you want to make sure that you have really ‘got’ it?


* Now extended to 6 months *

I’ve created this kick start focus group as I realised that for some it is not enough to buy my ‘Happier mums‘ course and work their way through it.  Maybe they’ve tried using the Law of Attraction before and it hasn’t worked, or maybe they have a goal that is just too important to not get it right.

I’ve found it surprising how many people who I’ve taken through each week from my Happier mums course, really thought they had understood it, but really hadn’t; even people with many years experience in the personal development world.  It’s invaluable to make sure that you really understand the Law of Attraction and are living it in your life.

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