Manifesting Mums

Have you got a tricky time ahead?

Do you have an important goal you would love to achieve?

Do you need some accountability to make sure you stay on track?

Do you need support to get your through the bumps in the road?

Have you invested my Happier Mums & Kick Start Your Dreams programs and are ready to take the next step?

Then the 12 month, ‘Manifesting Mums’ mastermind group is for you!  I am passionate about the affordability and power of mastermind groups.

The reality is that it can be difficult or impossible to achieve our goals on our own.  Maybe we are blinkered to our blocks, or need to brainstorm our ideas.  Perhaps we need more guidance on how to use the LOA.

But in my experience the magic of the group is the synchronicities.  As one member rises, so does the rest of the group.  It’s incredible how powerful a group can be.  Even though I achieved my goals in my mastermind group (coaches need coaches!), I’ve stayed on and can’t imagine leaving now.

What is Included?

  • Join the safe and supportive facebook group
  • Pick an area or two of life and goal to focus on for 12 months
  • Fortnightly group calls (see below)
  • There will be a weekly accountability post and end of week feedback post – to keep you focussed on your goal and enable the team to help.
  • New Moon Intention meditation and posts to help you tune into the natural cycles and keep your intentions clear and powerful
  • Full Moon Letting Go meditation and posts to help you tune into the natural cycles and clear out everything you no longer need.
  • Monthly ‘Get It Done’ Day within the group to help you clear down long standing or large to do lists.
  • Most importantly: Community support – this is where the magic happens!

The Fortnightly Group Calls

These will adapt to what the group needs at the time, but are likely to involve:

  • A quick check in as to how everyone is progressing
  • Teaching and important technique that will help you achieve your goal
  • OR
  • Hot seat healing for one member, which the other members can ‘borrow the benefits’ from, to help heal blocks/traumas that are getting in the way.


Now due to the importance of the group vibe, there are a couple of pre-requisites to becoming a member of the group:

  • Attended ‘The Happier mums‘ 6 week introduction to the Law of Attraction course (or similar).
  • Attended the ‘Kick Start Your Dream Life‘ so that we are all on the same page and level of understanding of the Law of Attraction (or similar)
  • Arrange a free breakthrough 15-30min call with Lisa, so that we can tune in and be sure that you are ready and this group is for you.
  • Commitment to attending the fortnightly calls (book them in your diary straight away) and doing the work.
  • Interact in the facebook group on good and bad weeks – your involvement is important
  • Prepare for the calls – a ‘check in’ is much more effective if you have thought through your current situation, what you’ve achieved, what you would love to achieve and your current issues.
  • Complete confidentiality of anything discussed in the group

Price per month (for 12 months):

(Total investment £2640)
Includes Free Breakthrough 1to1 worth £130
Includes Free Card Reading to guide your year worth £45
‘Be Healthy’ Bonus Course worth £147
‘Be Wealthy’ Bonus Course worth £147
‘Be Happy’ Bonus Course worth £147