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Mums In Society

I’m passionate about Mums enjoying being a mum.

Not just because it makes it more fun for them, and not just because it makes their family happier, but also because I believe it will have a BIG impact on society.

Society needs balance; women and men, people with and without children.  But for some reason Mums do not appear to be highly rated in our society at the moment.

Women are making a great comeback, with still some work to do.  But Mums still seem to have a very low position in society.  I don’t think this is a good plan for the future of our society because Mums are where the whole thing starts.

Problem is that the media is full of rubbish stories about Mums of all types and Mums have a tendency to have a go at each other publicly for our parenting or choices, making us look even more ridiculous.

I started building a campaign about this quietly in late-2011 and then went public in 2012, with a surprising reaction; we are talking about Mums heh!  I’m not giving up, I’m just regrouping.  There’s info to collect and collate, and more connections with existing groups to make.

In the meantime I’m going to keep blogging about the subject and refining my ideas, hence this page.

So if you would like to read more about my ideas for Mums in society and the importance for a change, click here.  I’d love to know what you think, and if you are an organisation with similar thoughts I would love to connect with you as I have some BIG ideas and plans!







Here are some of the blogs I’ve written over time on this subject:


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I love hearing what people think about my posts!