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Understanding People

Is it possible to have romance and kids?

Understanding people is kind of my ‘thing’, the official title is ‘human behaviourist’ I think.  I call myself a ‘coach’, but actually although I can do what coaches do, I have had to do quite a lot more studying, lots of it into human behaviour; which is great, because I’ve been fascinated by people since I was a small child.

Actually when you know the simple rules about how people behave, they are not as complicated as you might think.  However, you do then need to get to know them, so you can work out what makes each person tick.  It’s amazing how little we really know about our loved ones sometimes.

So I’ve written a pile of posts about understanding what makes people do what they do, what their priorities (or values) are, and how to go about changing it.

  1. Everyone wants to feel loved – how to do it
  2. Teaching people how to treat you – do you let people disrespect you
  3. Having Realistic Expectations
  4. What is or is not your responsibility
  5. Is your relationship a fair deal
  6. How much of your children do you love

I’ve also written a pile of posts about the London Riots, as why on earth people behave to the extreme like that is always going to be worrying for parents….

  1. The problem with politics is it doesn’t understand human behaviour
  2. Lack or Gain of Purpose
  3. Can everyone have purpose no matter where they came from
  4. Are we made that way ‘good’ or ‘evil’, or is our family the key?

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