Great books for mums



My books are guaranteed to give you the ‘Pick Me Up’ you need!

They are full of common sense and age old wisdom.

They will adapt to your unique family’s situation.

They will increase your confidence and self-belief.

They will help you hear your natural instinct again.

They will help you enjoy being a Mum even more.

They will get you physically, emotionally and mentally strong.

They are short, simple and practical.

They come packed with a powerful punch.

You’ll come back to them time and time again.

You’ll want to tell all your friends about them!

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The Mummy Whisperer (or Mommy Whisperer for her American readers!) is a breath of fresh air in the parenting market because she is all about the Mum as the heart of the family, and not about one-size fits all parenting solutions which can’t possibly work for uniquely different families.  She’s made it achievable, because it’s not trying to make you permanently ‘happy’, just balanced, contented, and really enjoying and making the most of life.  Plus it’s sustainable, because it doesn’t add to the already heavy load of a Mum.  Instead it gives simple ways of reducing the load and changing your life, which you can then maintain in a few seconds a day.

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