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How to start up your own parent blog and why you want to!


I went to chat with the deliciously ditzy Sophie Sulehria on the last bank holiday at BBC3 Counties Radio about how I got into blogging.

Have a listen to her, I really hope that BBC3CR give her a permanent slot soon, as she has a great warm air about her that just makes you smile.  Plus at the moment their schedule is ALL MEN (tut tut BBC3CR!!):


I am REALLY passionate about blogging, because it can be:

1) Cathartic

2) A great support community

3) Fab diary of your children’s younger years

4) A way to learn new skills

5) Gets you to read interesting, educational and funny blogs

6) Possibly even a way to earn money or get treats for the family


I think that it can be magic for people, as long as they don’t go into it with pre-concieved ideas of what they are going to get from it.  You don’t have to do it the way I have, where it has taken over my life, it can just be a once a week/month quick post.  Just start writing about whatever is going on with you and then change as your interests change.

Remember blogs posts are:

1) Short and pithy.

2) Pictures are great.

3) Have lots of white space.

4) Always have a WHITE background, not black with white writing.

5) You don’t have to be a writer or have any qualifications to do it


I didn’t realise I could write, or would enjoy it.  There are hints right from my child hood that it is ‘what I’m meant to be doing’, but it took a while for me to notice – doh!  I’ve been a geek, and a tree-hugger, but now due to my blog I’m an ‘author‘ too.  Loads of people I’ve met have found a new career through blogging, not necessarily to become a writer, but maybe a new interest or a career in PR, social media or even radio!

It’s free to start, just go to blogger or (my fave).  Pick a name, but first make sure no one else has got the same blog name (i.e. google for the ” blog”).  Your blog can be totally honest, partially (my choice) or completely anonymous if you prefer.

There can be some downsides of course!

1) It is highly addictive (unplug frequently)

2) The technical/social media stuff can be overwhelming (just take it one step at a time)

3) Blogging can be competitive and bitchy (ignore, ignore, ignore!)

4) One sign of success is getting trolls (doesn’t happen until you are really successful normally).


St Albans is the blogging capital of the UK and there are loads of bloggers in Herts, Beds and Bucks, so if you are local you will find lots of people to help you out – just come and make contact with us on twitter and start reading our blogs and commenting and we will reciprocate.  It’s like normal relationship, you don’t become best friends straight away, but you do get closer as time goes by; I have some fab friends online now a days, many of whom I have met face to face (I’ve been blogging for 4 years).

Another place to find blogs is on awards list.  As it would happen I’ve been short listed for a Brilliance in blogging award and could do with a vote, meanwhile you can check out the other fab blogs (but remember it’s me you are voting for!!!).


If you are a new blog, or are in Herts, Beds and Bucks and what to meet fellow bloggers, remember to add a comment below.

Got any questions about starting a blog?  I’m happy to help.

8 thoughts on “How to start up your own parent blog and why you want to!

  1. Hi Lisa, I am new to blogging and confused! Would you take a look at my blog (only 2 posts so far!) and give me some pointers, the blog was provided by my self publishing company but is a word press blog, I don’t like how it looks but I don’t know if I can change it? Thanks Cat xx

    1. Hmmm, I hope they didn’t charge you too much for it @Cat. It kind of does what it needs to, but isn’t very attractive – which is odd, as being a publishing company they must know that they need to grab people’s attentions.
      Without looking behind the scenes I can’t tell what they’ve done. But I’m assuming that it is a basic blog that they had used a standard template for?
      The place to start is look in the admin section and slowly work your way through all the sections/options seeing what is there – familiarise yourself with what options are available.

      But I would go back and demand that they change the background to the writing – it should be white.
      REMOVE the option on the blog – that is just ASKING to be hacked and dangerous.
      You need to put in lots more spaces and gaps.
      Remember to not try to write too much in one blog post – keep them light and just about one aspect.
      Add photos – they don’t have to be wonderful and you can even take them yourself (I did one of a pair of scissors for a budgeting post!).
      Add a link to the media post in your about page – people will want that info.
      Add some fun information to the about page that shows your sense of humour.

      Is this book mainly for your practice – i.e. to show your credibility and to give something extra to clients or potential clients? (Which is a very valid reason for writing a book). Have you got it on kindle and on amazon?

    1. Thanks @becky! I’m thinking of doing another one for businesses, so that I can explain how to use us bloggers too.

  2. I’m looking forward to starting a parenting blog as I really want to help others. I know it’s hard work, and I don’t expect to get to your level but would love to just throw some of my thoughts out there 🙂

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