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I’m Lisa Pearson aka ‘The Mummy Whisperer’, not a parenting whisperer, a ‘mummy’ whisperer.  So I’m the go to girl for ideas on how to enjoy being a Mum, because Mums are special and immensely important to our world.

Who am I?  I’m a Mum, who loves to be a Mum.  I’m not a perfect Mum.  I’m a real Mum, with wrinkles lots of To Do’s, and a constant struggle to juggle time.

I’ve got 2 children, Curly Headed Boy (7yrs in 2012) and Little Dimples (3yr in 2013), a big labradoodle and I’ve been with the Big Hairy Northern Hubby for 23yrs, and we currently live in St Albans.  That also makes me pretty old at 43!

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012 (chronic pain, fatigue and a pile of other symptoms), so ironically I now need my own tips even more than before.

I’m an awarding winning blogger (ooh get me!), a best selling Amazon author (whoop whoop), freelance writer and coach.

I don’t believe there is any ‘one’ way to raise a child.

I think we should all agree to disagree as Mums, and be strong enough to accept our differences.

I’m not a big fan of parenting techniques.

I’m also just ‘me’; someone who loves sparkly stuff, chocolate, walking the dog, trashy TV, Zumba, and my kindle.  I’m a pretty rubbish cook, and tend to be pretty grounded whilst being half tree-hugger and half geek.

In 2014 I started a Hair & Beauty Salon and Spa called ‘Espiritu‘ in Radlett at a shopping village called ‘Battlers Green Farm’.  I’ve learnt a lot.  Grown up a lot (being a boss isn’t fun at times).  Wondered why on earth I did it.  But also LOVE it there!




What is my Background/Qualifications?

I worked in IT for 13 years following a BA Business Studies degree.  I was a geek, but also became interested in personal development techniques like NLP and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Then I got more interested in the ‘healing’ (tree hugging!) side of alternative therapies and trained as a Reiki Master in 2000 and Holographic Repatterning Practitioner (now Resonance Repatterning).

When looking for something that would work for both the geek and the tree hugger in me I discovered Dr John Demartini in 2003, and certified as the UK’s first Demartini Method Facilitator (now senior).

I have worked and taught people from all walks of life, and with all types of problems, pains and traumas.  From betrayal, depression, financial difficulties and health problems to past abuse.

But what has helped me the most is my experiences!

My parents were unwell and elderly (and drank a bit!), so I was what is termed nowadays a ‘young carer’.  My Dad died when I was 20, and my Mum died when I was 36 and pregnant with Curly Headed Boy.  There’s loads of juiceness in my past.

I met David (my husband) when I was 20, so we have spent 23yrs together – that gives me plenty of opportunity to practice making a relationship work, nothing that long is ever plane sailing ;o)

At 36 I suddenly fell pregnant having been told at 19 that I’d never be able to have children – and Curly Headed Boy turned out to be the best teacher I have ever had.  Having thought I would never want children, I have LOVED being a Mum.  But I soon realised how lucky I was to have had the training and experiences that I had beforehand and hence ‘The Mummy Whisperer’ was born so that I could share what I knew.  Then I fell pregnant at 40 again by surprise, and ‘Little Dimples’ arrived.


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