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Bullying Pt 2 – Where Does Bullying Come From?

(I wrote this post a few years ago.  It’s not looking at the more obvious reasons behind bullying, but more the energetics behind it)

In life there is always a balance of support (stuff we like happening) and challenge (stuff we find difficult or don’t like happening), just like a magnet with North and South.  But we do not always see it that way, as we tend to only see one or the other at a time. We also have a tendency to prefer the support, and dislike the challenge, but is that really fair, because sometimes without a bit of a push, we wouldn’t achieve our greatest days?

Bullying at it’s simplest, comes from there being too much support in one area of the child’s life, so it ends up being balanced by the ‘challenge’ of the bully. The ideal, that as parents we are looking for, is for the bullying to be spread across all areas of life, so that there are no extremes either at home or at school.

In the simplest situations of a little ‘light’ bullying, it can simply be a matter of looking at he child’s life like a set of scales, and adjusting the weights of support in one area versus the challenge where they are being bullied.  But in other circumstances there is a little more to be done to redress the balance.

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