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Bullying Pt1 – always there

So, I’m planning on a pile of stuff about bullying over the next few weeks, as I have been motivated to tackle this subject by my 3.5yr old little boy being bullied at nursery.  Not something that I ever expected to be tackling at this age, but then I realise that I was being naive when I didn’t expect it.

Think of bullying like water.  Water can be changed into steam or ice, but it can’t be got rid of.  Bullying is the same.  It has been with us throughout history and will be with us forever.  It is in your life now, but you probably don’t always notice it, as if you are ‘lucky’ it is split between all the different areas of life.  So to attempt to remove bullying from life totally, is to set yourself an unreachable task.  However, it is totally possible to change where or how it appears in your life or your children’s lives.

In fact, when I look back I remember Curly Headed Boy getting bullied from the moment that the other little boys around him could crawl – suddenly they were pulling, smacking and all sorts.  He wasn’t ‘wimpy’, it’s just that he is very in touch with his feminine side, so although he is a typical little boy, there are other things to him too.  He would just kind of look at them with confusion, wondering why they were behaving like that, and picking himself back up again, and again, and again.

Then I got a scruffy black puppy, who ended up becoming a large big black monster.  And as my son handled the challenge of standing his ground against the puppy, he was able to apply it with the bullies.  So what I need to do over the next few months is find his 3.5yr old version of that big black puppy!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing ideas, hints, explanations and more in depth ideas about bullying.  Please feel free to comment here or ask for more info on my facebook fan page.

2 thoughts on “Bullying Pt1 – always there

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