So, what got me inspired to create a WordPress Blog, that I’ve been meaning to do for months?  A Dinner Party!  No deep spiritual or personal development exercises, but sitting round a table with a bunch of people I had never met, eating good food, drinking some wine, and swapping ideas.

Let’s go back to the beginning.  I’ve been on Ecademy for years, but it just hasn’t really worked for me.  I attempted to focus on it more and use it better for a few months, and I just seemed to get more and more contact requests from eastern europe or the far east!  Not that I’m not willing to be friendly to people from there, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  So, I had just decided to leave it as more of a ‘gotta have, so that people can find me’ sort of thing, and then I got a message.  She very politely apologised for contacting without us knowing each other, but wondered if I might be interested in her ‘Dinner Party’ with the Chief Druid Philip Carr-Gomm as the guest speaker!  For once, Ecademy had delivered something interesting my way ;o)

So me, the 3yr old, 2 dogs, and later the big hairy husband, turned up in Sussex, to a lovely relaxed atmosphere and beautiful setting.  A little later the guests arrived, with very different backgrounds and interests, but a core thread of writing.  I think that is what worked for me so well, because we all had this love of writing (all sorts of different stuff), it was OK that we were all so different in other ways.  My husband had been very nervous as to what they would think of having someone from the banking industry in their midst, but he was welcomed warmly with no judgement.

Obviously a big plus was meeting Philip, and getting to talk to him – and I’m going to do another post specifically on my thoughts about him.  But there was also Liz Whiter ‘The Animal Healer’, a very direct and inspired woman, the hosts Gilly (a ‘creative writer’) and Jed (a journalist), and 6 other interesting people.

Conversations ranged from twitter, face book, why blog, is blogging good/bad quality writing, websites, lack of time, admin, how to write, where to write, deadlines or no deadlines to karma, can parents make a mistake, different faiths, Philip’s journey, serendipity, success, luck, the environment, the credit crunch and of course Magic …. oooh and so much more!

What got me so inspired?  Hmm, it’s difficult to put my finger on it.  I’ve been going through a transition in my business from focussing on ‘The Dance of Life‘ to ‘The Mummy Whisperer’ and it was as though the switch was made half way through dinner.  I went in introducing myself as ‘The 1st and most senior Demartini facilitator in the UK’, but I came out ‘The Mummy Whisperer’.  I always knew I was gradually going to change focus, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon or so large a shift.

So what made the magic of the night, and the ensuing inspiring and buzz filled days?  I do believe that being in a room with inspiring people has a dramatic effect, especially people who are masters in there area e.g. Philip and Liz.  Plus there was the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and consider my introduction and ‘who I really am’.  It wasn’t a ‘networking event’ in the broadest sense (you know where people ‘vomit’ their mission statements!), but connections were made, that I know will make a difference for everyone there.

So a big thankyou to Gilly & Jed for hosting the evening (plus cooking & taking care of us the next morning), to Philip & Liz for their wisdom, and everyone else for being there.  I would totally recommend you attend one of these evenings if you ever get the chance!

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