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Catching Up With My Blog

So I’m sitting on my sofa, with no heating (brrrrr!) and very painful pregnant hips (ouch!).  So rather than do my ‘To Dos’, I’ve decided to catch up on my blog, because I’ve got very behind, having been focussing on the wind down of my work with the approach of BabyNo2 and it’s all I fancy doing today!  Most of my blogs tend to be hints & tips orientated, but every now and again I will do a more ‘traditional’ type of Mummy blog like this.

Catch Up No 1- Awards

Waaaay, Waaaay back in October, the lovely ‘Irish Mammy’ gave me my first blog award (see here)!  But it’s taken me a while to post it, or pass it on, as I didn’t know how!!

One of the best things about getting an award is that we then pass them on, so I would like to pass them onto the following 10 blogs:

Irish Mammy (right back at ya!)

Being a Mummy

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Rachel Pattison

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Bump Wear Project

and my twitter friend who explained how to add an award to my blog!  Inkwell Writers

If you are interested in the background of my training, I would also really like to recommend the blogs in my blog roll under the ‘Demartini’ title.  Some of these guys are just starting out, but they make a very ‘diffferent’ sort of read ;o)

Catch Up No2: Reviews – Pizza Express

Also, I was very lucky to get invited to Pizza Express for lunch wayyyyy wayyyy back in Sept by Being a Mummy – see her post here.  There were lots of Mummy bloggers, with children ranging from babies, to toddlers, to 3.5yrs olds to teens!  There is no doubt that a Pizza Express pizza is very yummy, and also very ‘different’ from the normal frozen pizza’s I feed the little angel/monster on a friday night.  He particularly loved the dough balls, which you could dip in garlic butter.

However, I do have a ‘but’ in my review.  Around the same time, I had to pop to London for work one evening, so I met up with husband type person in order to pass over the care of our little boy, and we looked for somewhere to have a quick meal, before they took the train home and I started work.  We picked a very traditional looking italian, where we chose a mixture of pizza’s and pasta.  The main difference between a more ‘traditional’ pizza place and Pizza express, is that they have taken the ‘italian’ out of the experience, which also means that for a family it feels a little less welcoming, and the typical speed/competence out of the service.

So, I would definitely go back to Pizza Express for a girls night out, or a meal with hubby.  But to be honest, if I was looking for a family meal, and had the choice, I would choose an italian first.  Which I really feel a bit mean saying, considering it was one of my first ever ‘freebies’ given to me because of my blog :o(

Coming soon:

Catch Up No 3: Pamper Day/Andrex Toilet paper

Catch Up No4: Meme’s – my first venture!

Catch Up No 5: Unsolicited Review (i.e big complaint) of Swarovsky jewelry

6 thoughts on “Catching Up With My Blog

  1. I think the problem with Pizza Express is that not all are created equal. Some are fabulous with children, others, well, not so much. The one on Bedford Hill, Balham, for example is brilliant, and always has classes of nursery children in it making pizza. And I love those dough balls too!

    1. Oooh classes for making pizza – sounds fab! And you are right, there are bound to be Italian restaurants which don’t follow the traditional family friendly, quick service either.

  2. Thank you so much!! I have already got this one *blush* so I have added your name under it in my sidebar :o) SO chuffed that you love my blog – Thank You!!

  3. Thanks so much! Well, actually… I received that one on the very same post from Irish Mummy, lol. You shall be excused, pregnant lady!

    Hope all is well and that the heating is back on. It was very lovely to meet you the other day.

    xx MM

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