Apologies for people who have read this post before.  I originally had it as a Page on my blog, but I have a big redesign of my blog coming up in the next month, and so I’m cutting down on the pages.  I wrote this over a year ago when I was pregnant with Little Dimples.

So I’m quite enjoying pregnancy 2nd time around, because it is reminding me of how things were with Curly Headed Boy, that I probably didn’t notice as I was so shocked to be pregnant.  It’s surprisingly different, with a few similarities, and so (just for me, to be honest!) I thought I’d keep a record of how it goes!

So far, the main difference is finding out about 3 weeks earlier than before.  Although, it was still a surprise as I was thinking that as I was miraculously lucky to fall pregnant last time, that I might be unlikely to manage it a 2nd time 4yrs later, and with the big FOUR ZERO approaching!  But I did think that I might try in the Autumn, once my business was more settled and I had had a BIG party and holiday.  Heh ho, this baby obviously also doesn’t think to inform me of it’s plans, like it’s big brother ;o)

This time the symptoms hit like a freight train, like all the energy in my body had been removed forever, and the all day nausea returned as a very unwelcome memory, with an added bonus of a constant upset tummy this time round.  Thankfully curly headed boy is very excited and pretty understanding, as he has been broody for a year (he’s 3.5) and told me 6 months ago to take the eggs out of the fridge, Daddy would cook them and then pop them in my tummy!

BabyNo2 prefers healthy food – how weird!  No chocolate thank you, but still partial to salt & vinegar crisps and tonic water.  Plus they must be small portions, which means I’m currently losing weight whilst pregnant, which is a novelty.  Also, whilst curly headed boy was like a lovely hot water bottle in my tummy, keeping my normally cold body warm day and night, BabyNo2 is cccccooooollllld, which means I’m freeeeeeezing!

The ‘baby brain’ appeared instantly, meaning that anything that was perfectly normal for me to remember before, like my keys, turning on the oven, or my diary, is now totally impossible for me.  Obviously my brain is focussed on growing toes and fingers and can’t manage more than that at the moment.

Hubby is walking round looking very mature and obviously feeling like a ‘real man’ as he has now created two offspring; a much greater feat than just one.  In fact his Dad announced that we would now have a ‘real family’, because obviously one child doesn’t count.

I know how the universe likes to maintain balance within a family, so I’ve spent long hours looking at the family thinking, OK, so if we are like this, what are we about to create?  If curly headed boy is read headed and fair skinned, with the performer gene ingrained into him from top to toe, are we going to get a serious little dark headed girl, who is serious and studious?  Last time I had all sorts of tragedy and stress during the pregnancy, which I can totally see created curly head.  So what will a relatively ‘normal’ (so far, touch wood) pregnancy create?  Will it mean that they are more independent from the start, not needing to be held permanently for 3 months?  Or will they miss that spark that he has?

Who knows – got over 6 months to go, so I’m sure there will be even more surprises along the route, which I’ll pop in here as I go.


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