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Exhaustion Tips: Go to bed early

This might sound obvious, but if you are exhausted, then you need to make a big attempt to go to bed early, and do it for several nights running.

I know, you want time for yourself and time with your partner.  But sometimes needs must, so you can go to bed early for 60% of the week and still leave plenty of time with your partner.  Hey, it may even be good for them because they’ll get some time to themselves or go and do some exercise.

I know that we feel sometimes that all our life is looking after the family and/or working.  So sometimes we just want to chill out for a bit.  But sleep is incredibly important and you don’t need to watch TV every night, or exercise every night.  If you really want to chill out, give yourself 45 mins (I record stuff, because by missing the adverts it’s amazing how much shorter a TV program is).

If your problem is that you are up with the kids, then I have some more hints and tips coming to help with that.  But maybe there is someone who could take over for an evening?  Or could someone cover for you to have an afternoon nap?  Or can you negotiate a lie in in the morning?  Basically find a way to get yourself more time in bed!

Whatever you do, if you know that you are feeling a bit sleepy now or at a particular time of night, make the most of it and don’t keep doing things, because you’ll miss your moment and it will probably be another 2hrs before you fancy bedtime again.

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